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Praise - Express warm approval of (someone/something)

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Praise - Tout Praise - Commendation Praise - Kudos Praise - Rave about Praise - Pat on the back Praise - Complimentary comment Praise - Acclaim Praise - It may be high or faint Praise - Kind words Praise - Ode sentiment Praise - Give high marks to Praise - Heap kudos on Praise - Accolades Praise - Express approval for Praise - Positive evaluation Praise - Commend Praise - Talk up Praise - Eulogy content Praise - What odes do Praise - Speak highly of Praise - Purpose of an ode Praise - Back-cover book blurbs Praise - Laud Praise - Extol Praise - Sounds as if one is on one's knees, but may get up at the end Praise - This will give a boost to the piano and give it a lift Praise - Sounds as if one gets to one's knees in admiration for this Praise - How to flatter you might give you a lift at last Praise - Extol, laud Praise - Commend or laud Praise - Applaud, commend Praise - Acclaim, commend Praise - Express approval and admiration Praise - Get the piano up with acclaim Praise - Eulogise Praise - Approve and commend Praise - It's encouraging softly so to get up Praise - Congratulations to make the piano go higher Praise - Admiration if one were to get the piano higher Praise - Get it up after the piano to applause Praise - Sunday morning word Praise - Laudatory words Praise - Commend, laud Praise - Lionize Praise - Force receiving a tribute Praise - Reconstruction of paris with energy wins commendation Praise - Glorification is seen in the rising of wyatt Praise - Pleads, we hear, for approval Praise - Aspire (anag) Praise - Purpose of ode for those hunted, say Praise - Huzzahs Praise - Hymn of _____ Praise - Isn't the government great in persia perversely Praise - Encomium Praise - Eulogize Praise - Quietly uplift with encouragement Praise - Words of tribute Praise - Express admiration or approval Praise - Some positive reinforcement Praise - Commend soft approach of gambler Praise - Puff piece puffery Praise - Speak well of Praise - Speak approvingly of Praise - Cry 'hallelujah' Praise - Express admiration for Praise - Power lift gets acclaim Praise - Warm approval Praise - Be aware of (something) Praise - Penny increase in salary receives a plaudit Praise - Express admiration for lift, after parking Praise - Approve of power lift Praise - Commend leader of psychiatrists at institute Praise - Roethke offered it to the end! Praise - Extol, glorify Praise - Quiet lift gets approval Praise - Express admiration for cause under pressure Praise - Express warm approval of (someone/something) Praise - Force to accept a commendation Praise - As before, interior is a shambles but you say it's lovely Praise - Quiet recruit wins commendation Praise - Pear mousse is brought in. you say it's delicious Praise - Put up following party leader's approval Praise - Get up with difficulty, holding a bouquet Praise - Quietly increase applause Praise - Quietly uplift with applause Praise - Rebuilding a spire is something churchgoers do Praise - 'now to the lord sing --s' (carol) Praise - Bouquet is a parting purchase Praise - Parking increase getting approval Praise - Congratulate Praise - Commend soft approach by gambler Praise - Encomiums Praise - Minimal salary increase in, for example, good job! Praise - Winkle out article on the inner side, making flatter Praise - Compose an ode to, e.g Praise - Marshal earp is given commendation Praise - Thanksgiving set up supporting first of pilgrims Praise - Magnify power boost Praise - Something given to heroes Praise - Fatboy slim "___ you" Praise - Kind of band Praise - Performs religious duty, we hear, producing acclaim Praise - Quietly step up for worship