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Penchant - Bent writer to keep repeating

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  • Penchant - Letter on P
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  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word N
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  • 5 - st. word H
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  • 8 - st. word T

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Penchant - Strong inclination Penchant - Strong liking Penchant - Inclination Penchant - This might have an inclination to be something of a swan song Penchant - How one might have a preference for 2 down, perhaps Penchant - Inclined to be a swan song Penchant - 'predilection, a strong liking (8)' Penchant - One might have such a liking for a swan song Penchant - Predilection, preference Penchant - Leaning towards or liking for Penchant - A liking or inclination Penchant - A leaning towards the lady swan's song at last Penchant - Predilection, a strong liking Penchant - Quiet charm and taste Penchant - Inclination to give a swan song? Penchant - Tendency to write vocal music Penchant - A partiality for quiet charm Penchant - Fondness for 5? Penchant - Bent nib's instrumental to this song Penchant - Inclination of song writer to begin Penchant - Liking (for) Penchant - Fondness (for) - bias (towards) Penchant - Strong liking (for) Penchant - Has a preference for writer to stand up for the boys in green Penchant - Disposition showing quiet charm Penchant - Inclination, liking (for) Penchant - Inclination one has to write books after tea Penchant - Strong inclination to compose a song Penchant - Liking opening of public transport Penchant - Swan song showing taste Penchant - Write repetitive song showing weakness Penchant - A song writer's first weakness Penchant - Liking page's charm Penchant - Partiality Penchant - Liking for cage melody Penchant - Bent writer to keep repeating Penchant - Proclivity Penchant - Liking Penchant - ...and liking what the prisoners are singing? Penchant - A fondness for birdsong Penchant - Write music, demonstrating a certain partiality Penchant - Write melody. there's a taste for it Penchant - Liking writer has to celebrate in song Penchant - Songwriter's inclination? Penchant - Liking party leader's charm Penchant - Liking to write and sing Penchant - Swan song shows taste Penchant - Fondness for a swan-song Penchant - Fondness Penchant - A liking for Penchant - Liking piano to utterly delight Penchant - Inclination to write repetitive song Penchant - Liking page with charm Penchant - Bias shown by writer with song Penchant - Liking piano, fill with wonder Penchant - Fondness (for) Penchant - Liking a swan song Penchant - Fondness for swan song Penchant - Preference for swansong being split in two? Penchant - Liking song writer at the outset Penchant - Liking song by writer Penchant - Liking quiet entrance