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Nowadays - Lack of money always borne at the present time

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Nowadays - In these times Nowadays - In the present Nowadays - Currently Nowadays - There isn't any bundle of affirmatives for a present Nowadays - One has them for a present Nowadays - A don's way strange for these times Nowadays - In the 21st century Nowadays - Won back a period of time on sabbath for the present Nowadays - At present, by no means accepting christian designation of era Nowadays - At this juncture, say, a down may be anagrammed Nowadays - No large amount of money given to voters in these times Nowadays - In these times keeping a daughter in never succeeded Nowadays - At the present time Nowadays - The present time Nowadays - No state of confusion voiced around washington at present Nowadays - Gestures of respect Nowadays - After objection, means to include small advertisement in our times Nowadays - No methods for securing advantage in the current period? Nowadays - In these times puzzles do any 5 dn Nowadays - Without a stash, say, struggling in these times Nowadays - Never! with miss lovelace? yes, heartlessly, today! Nowadays - Lack of money always borne at the present time Nowadays - In the modern times Nowadays - A down and out drifting, say, at present Nowadays - No methods are without publicity in these times Nowadays - "there's a downswing," say worriedly, "at the moment" Nowadays - Number methods probed by lawyer currently Nowadays - No way sad performing in these times Nowadays - No streets for a daughter to enter currently Nowadays - At present no amount of money over a year covers salary cap Nowadays - Won over by commercial, say, that's to be wrapped up in the present Nowadays - It's always found in first of acrosses and downs? wrong this time! Nowadays - In the present climate, under no circumstances ring father in the middle of crossword Nowadays - In the present climate, hinges on parent taken in by customs Nowadays - Some time in snowdrift in the present Nowadays - Unfortunately, don's away at the moment Nowadays - No family member involved in courses in the present climate Nowadays - Won over a relative and youths on both sides in the current climate