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Dosage - Quantity of medication

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Dosage - Medicinal amount Dosage - Prescribed amount Dosage - It may be recommended Dosage - Amount to be taken Dosage - Part of a doctor's order Dosage - Drug info Dosage - Prescription notation Dosage - One a day, e.g Dosage - Two tablets every 12 hours, say Dosage - Amount in a shot Dosage - Potion portion Dosage - Amount to take Dosage - Scrip info Dosage - Prescription measure Dosage - Pill-bottle recommendation Dosage - Two tablets, maybe Dosage - Pharmacist's concern Dosage - Rx amount Dosage - Medicine amount Dosage - Tablet or teaspoonful, maybe Dosage - Do get wise to how much you should take Dosage - How the ould sod turns old with all that medicine one has to take Dosage - How one might do likewise with medicine? Dosage - Do get wise to how much to take Dosage - Do likewise with the right amount of medicine Dosage - Do get wise to what the patient gets (6) Dosage - Do likewise with right amount of 20 down Dosage - The giving of medication in prescribed amount Dosage - Prescribed quantity of medicine Dosage - Giving of medicine in prescribed amount Dosage - Do get wise about how much to take Dosage - A party that's wise shows how much to take Dosage - How much one can take party-wise Dosage - Amount required to cook salvia Dosage - Measured amount Dosage - Correct use of a prescribed drug Dosage - Medicine label info Dosage - Measured portion of medicine Dosage - How much to take Dosage - Party in herb garden is prescribed by doctor Dosage - Deer eating grass oddly returned for precise quantity Dosage - Amount of medicine Dosage - Authority on complete quantity of medicine? Dosage - Native american died before getting prescribed medication Dosage - Take judicious amount of 14, say Dosage - Administered amount of drug Dosage - Quantity of medicine Dosage - Quantity of medication Dosage - The same sensible amount that you give to Dosage - After a party prudent medication is called for! Dosage - Measure the same again, mentor concluded Dosage - Medicine, wise man has same again Dosage - Prepare herb for fixed amount of medicine Dosage - Time after parties when a certain amount of drug is on offer Dosage - How much, when wise man arrives at function? Dosage - Sea dog (anag.) Dosage - Wise person after party getting medicinal measure Dosage - After party drop ecstasy in prescribed amount Dosage - Two tablets every six hours, e.g Dosage - Amount of a drug Dosage - Two tablets, perhaps Dosage - Cook aromatic plant that's specified in prescription Dosage - Prescription prescription Dosage - Prescription amount Dosage - Sea dog (anag) Dosage - Medicinal amount to take Dosage - Proper medicine amount Dosage - Prescribed amount of drug Dosage - Cook with herb -- a specified health-giving amount? Dosage - Party -- wise to get amount of drug? Dosage - Party slump relates to extreme indiscipline - this might come precisely as a shot in the arm Dosage - Pill bottle info Dosage - Measured amount of medicine to be taken Dosage - '99 collective soul album the doc prescribed? Dosage - Two pills, perhaps Dosage - Pill bottle datum Dosage - Two pills, often