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Toss - Not sleep well? it's a matter of chance

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Toss - Chuck Toss - Prepare 49-down Toss - Dispose of, informally Toss - Light throw Toss - Have a fling? Toss - Easy throw Toss - Attempt at a carnival booth Toss - Pitch Toss - Turn's partner Toss - Fling Toss - Pitch's partner Toss - Eighty-six Toss - Deep-six Toss - Sleep restlessly Toss - Kickoff preceder Toss - Throw out Toss - Prepare a salad Toss - Coin-based decider Toss - Start of a football game Toss - Sleep poorly Toss - Have a restless night Toss - Throw Toss - Coin action, for starters Toss - Play horseshoes Toss - Prekickoff ritual Toss - Stone's throw Toss - Sleep badly Toss - Mix thoroughly Toss - Insomniac's move Toss - Throw casually Toss - Jettison Toss - Pregame ritual Toss - Flip Toss - Not sleep peacefully Toss - Kickoff determiner Toss - Coin flip Toss - Let fly Toss - Insomniacs do it Toss - Throw, as to a child Toss - Discard Toss - Fix a salad Toss - Turn partner Toss - Mix, as salad Toss - Use a frisbee Toss - Coin action Toss - Play horseshoes, e.g Toss - Prepare the salad Toss - Soft throw Toss - Make a pitch Toss - One thing to do with a coin Toss - Prepare, as a salad Toss - Lob Toss - Junk Toss - Gridiron ritual Toss - Prepare the salad, e.g Toss - Throw (out) Toss - Get rid of Toss - Pitch softly Toss - Have problems sleeping Toss - Fail to fall asleep, in a way Toss - Throw carelessly Toss - Pre-kickoff ritual Toss - Throw underhand Toss - Put into a 35-down Toss - Sling Toss - Mix, as a salad Toss - Pregame decider Toss - Pitch a penny Toss - Play with, as a frisbee Toss - Throw softly Toss - Decide with a dime, perhaps Toss - Sleep unsoundly Toss - Bandy Toss - Pregame flip Toss - Compete with a caber Toss - See 59 across Toss - Decide with a quarter Toss - Give the heave-ho Toss - Scrap Toss - Don't hoard Toss - Chuck or lob Toss - Flip, as a coin Toss - Sway on a rough sea Toss - It can turn up heads Toss - Throw easily Toss - Partner of turn Toss - Carnival-game action Toss - Eject, as an arguing manager Toss - Play with rings Toss - Throw lightly Toss - Chuck or flip Toss - Eject from the game Toss - Throw away, as old food Toss - Pregame coin flip Toss - 86 Toss - __ and turn Toss - Cast Toss - It determines who kicks and who receives Toss - Underhanded throw Toss - Underhanded fling Toss - Horseshoes turn Toss - Decide with a coin Toss - Word with "ring" or "coin" Toss - Put in the "circular file" Toss - Cast out Toss - Trash Toss - Play quoits Toss - -- and turn Toss - With 7-down, decide by calling heads or tails Toss - With 13-down, throw away Toss - Throw away Toss - Dispose of Toss - Throw it up to the ship Toss - Fling it up to the ship Toss - Throw up to the ship Toss - To be on a ship is enough to make one throw up Toss - Throw this up to the ship Toss - Flip in the air, sald or coin Toss - You may do it up to make it evens Toss - Up with it for the call Toss - Just to be on the ship is enough to make one throw up Toss - It's up but may come down head first to the ship Toss - 'flip, a coin or pancake say (4)' Toss - Throw this up to the ship (4) Toss - Flip up into the air - coin or salad Toss - This up might be heads in the direction of the ship Toss - That might be enough to make one throw up for an even chance Toss - Do this with the caber Toss - Flip, coin or pancake say Toss - Throw lightly and casually Toss - What to do with a pancake and a caber Toss - Decide with a dime Toss - Might be heads or tails to the ship Toss - Part of a tennis serve Toss - Kick out of a club Toss - Deposit in the circular file Toss - Distribute the dressing on Toss - Warm-up for a quarterback Toss - Head movement Toss - Salad verb Toss - Prepare salad Toss - Carnival-game verb Toss - ___ and turn Toss - One may win it by a head Toss - It's won or lost before a ball is bowled Toss - Pitch withheld by the indifferent? Toss - Monkey's way of deciding things Toss - Throw tt Toss - Throw (coin or caber) Toss - Heads or tails throw Toss - Throw up Toss - Spin of a coin Toss - Throw of a coin Toss - Flip, a coin or pancake say Toss - Bung stops, no power circulating Toss - Flip (coin) Toss - You'll probably kick the football if you lose it Toss - It¿s usually up in the air how contest begins to get on board Toss - Eight-six Toss - Casually throw Toss - Throw out, so to speak Toss - Carnival-game motion Toss - Cast decides which way one plays in the field? Toss - Throw around Toss - Prepare, as a kind of salad Toss - The act of flipping a coin Toss - Mix in a bowl Toss - Put to waste? Toss - Ditch Toss - Service starter Toss - Hurl Toss - Throw, as a coin Toss - Put in the trash Toss - Mix up leaders of the original sun seekers Toss - Fall from horse? during dispute, it may be argued Toss - Leave decision to chance - or to saints Toss - Spin (coin) Toss - Throw (coin) so as to choose Toss - For which spinner is put on first on pitch? Toss - A quick spin before the off! Toss - Throw up, when ship does this? Toss - Throw up, before vital test match? Toss - Pitch on pitch? Toss - Launch to ship Toss - Raise a little money, not given by one who doesn't care Toss - Casual throw Toss - Careless not to give this decision-making process Toss - Raise a bit of money before opening ball Toss - Its winners with their tails up? Toss - Not sleep well? it's a matter of chance Toss - Procedure calling for change, and often for heads to roll Toss - Eject, as from a game Toss - Flip (of a coin) Toss - Play with a frisbee Toss - Flip a coin Toss - What sea may do to ship Toss - Action of the flipping captain before match? Toss - Fling up Toss - Shy d-drunk rolling around Toss - Sea may do this to ship Toss - Shy movement of the head Toss - Ship's movement makes you throw up! Toss - What the matador fears -- making him do so in his sleep? Toss - What's closed before ship's launch? Toss - Pitch a decisive factor in cricket match Toss - A pre-match fling Toss - Pitch is where it should happen Toss - This involves raising a bit of money, it may be argued Toss - Referee carries this out to pitch Toss - Shy drunkard comes back with son Toss - Throw up in the air Toss - Flick of a coin Toss - Evict Toss - Throw a coin towards ship Toss - Throw underhanded Toss - Eject, as from a ballgame Toss - Give the boot Toss - Flip of a coin Toss - Throw gently Toss - Search hastily, in cop slang Toss - After 1-across, pregame football ritual, and what's literally found in this puzzle's circles Toss - Throw (a coin) Toss - Word with coin or ring Toss - Something to do to a salad or coin Toss - Hurl, as a horseshoe Toss - Lawn dart activity Toss - Propose tentatively, with 'out' Toss - Second drunkard to fall back and roll around Toss - Rest poorly Toss - Give the boot to Toss - Take a turn in disc golf Toss - Start of a tennis point Toss - Superchunk "seed ___" Toss - What you do to bad album Toss - Maceo parker "coin ___" Toss - Get rid of bad disc Toss - Fling in direction of ship Toss - What rough seas do to ship Toss - Give the heave-ho to Toss - Sleep fitfully Toss - Throw in the trash Toss - Have a sleepless night Toss - Shy in boozer, put up with son Toss - Pitch easily Toss - Ring ___ (lawn game) Toss - Cast banks in total darkness Toss - Flipping thing that occurs at lord's before play Toss - Ring ___ Toss - Shy son boozer rebuffed Toss - Word after ring or coin Toss - Throw with a light motion Toss - Salad recipe verb Toss - Do it with caber in scotland Toss - Mix, as a 9-down Toss - A port doesn't go with pot roasts - get rid of it Toss - Flip into the air Toss - Flip into the air