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Change - Adjust

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Change - Nickels and dimes Change - Put on a clean shirt, e.g Change - Quarters, e.g Change - Nickel and dime Change - Purse contents Change - Shift Change - Sing a different tune Change - Mclaughlin hit "hurricane of ______ " Change - Adapt Change - Experience mutation Change - Meter feeder's need Change - Modify Change - Alter Change - Mutate or transform Change - How you may get your money back, but it's never the same Change - Does this alter the money you get back? Change - That's not the same sort of money you get back Change - What little you get back is not the same Change - All the same, that's not only the return you get for your money Change - What you get back is not the same as the money you gave in Change - All the same, it's not just a little you get back Change - How you get some of your money back Change - Not the same coins Change - Loose money in pocket Change - Word for small coins in pocket Change - They say it's as good as a rest Change - It's not in the same sum you gave in - it's much less Change - It's said to be as good as a rest Change - It's as good as a rest, they say Change - Alter, convert Change - Is it as good as a rest? Change - Make or become different Change - Money returned as balance after purchase Change - Alter the money returned Change - Alter for small coins Change - Alteration Change - Alter or modify Change - Alter with loose coins Change - It's not the same money you get back to suspend the middle of Change - 'all the same, it's not what money you get back in this (6)' Change - Suspend inside what you get back Change - Make different Change - You can get it for a dollar Change - Reform the coppers Change - New bowler after sixth tackle? charlie and george upset vicar Change - The church shows much exasperation at any mention of it Change - Linger in church for conversion Change - Novelty trade Change - Progress may be pending in church Change - What opponents in court regularly do to influence conclusions Change - Church about to depend on something it hates? Change - Best not to do it in 12 Change - Alter - coins Change - Coins of low value Change - Innovation Change - Church is about to suspend innovation Change - Political challenger's promise Change - Become different Change - Modification Change - Cash difference Change - With 36- and 39-across, go from 1- to 61-across Change - Cash conversion Change - Map out champagne for a few bob Change - Quarter back, possibly Change - Novelty Change - A few coins in place of business Change - Alter; coins Change - Make different; coins Change - Opportunity good for conservative to reform Change - On which forsytes might be found to depend in city set-up Change - Coppers, perhaps, put on other clothes Change - Adjust Change - Alter, modify Change - It may be small, but we vary our routine for one Change - Variety in coinage? Change - Transform Change - Having the money, assume a new identity Change - With the balance of the money, getting new clothes Change - Convert put up in church Change - Sway in church? traditionalists may not like it Change - Conversion of small amount of money Change - Shift to be exhibited in church Change - Shift procedure in bell tower? Change - Undergo suspension during church alteration Change - Transfer coppers Change - Coppers, say, put on new gear Change - Convert a little currency Change - Turn both taps, darling, then scrub back Change - Redesign coins Change - Put up in church but it may be loose Change - Quarters, say Change - Seat seeker's common promise Change - Cheating without it? you'll feel that in the pocket! Change - Put on different clothes Change - Loose coins Change - Swap Change - Money that's often resisted Change - Nickels and dimes, say Change - Coins Change - Make alterations to Change - What metathesiophobia is the fear of Change - Alter some of the coinage