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Revise - Adjust

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  • Revise - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word V
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word S
  • 6 - st. word E

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Revise - Fix a draft Revise - Doctor Revise - Edit Revise - Make changes to Revise - Update Revise - Make emends Revise - Alter Revise - Correct, as text Revise - Better writing, e.g Revise - Make a new version of Revise - Change Revise - Is 'e in church? one may have to change that Revise - In church, is 'e? he might do this for a change Revise - Is 'e in the church? that'll make you change your opinion Revise - Is 'e in church? have to change that Revise - To go over it again: 'e is in church Revise - In church, is 'e? he'll need to change that Revise - Is 'e in church to go over it again? Revise - In church, is 'e? 'e'll have to change 'is views Revise - In church, is 'e? we must change that for the better Revise - When the seer is about six, in the church, is 'e? Revise - Go over work again as for exam Revise - Go over study material again Revise - Go over books and notes again to refresh memory Revise - So over studies again Revise - Go over studies again before exam Revise - Read and learn once more is 'e in church? Revise - 'e is in church and is in there ever at the back Revise - Go over again the six in the seer Revise - In church, is 'e? make sure you know it Revise - Learn once more of six in seer Revise - In church, is 'e? go over that again Revise - Is 'e in the church? take another look at that Revise - 'in church for a change, is 'e? (6)' Revise - Ever around the south for a change Revise - Change - cram Revise - Prepare for exam Revise - Modify Revise - Perfect, perhaps Revise - Prepare for exams Revise - Work on copy Revise - Work over Revise - Go back over lesson Revise - Cohesive reasoning holds up proof Revise - Amend Revise - About six points for student to go over again Revise - Improve, amend Revise - Adjust Revise - Study for exams Revise - Is always upset about, when you amend Revise - Clergyman is at first eager to make changes Revise - Clergyman is english and must study again Revise - Amend to 'is always catching up' Revise - Study Revise - Amend; cram Revise - Study, learn Revise - Memorise Revise - Corrige Revise - Polish text, say