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Data - Figures to a small extent uplifted

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Data - Grist for processors Data - Contents of some banks Data - Chart fillers Data - Spreadsheet numbers Data - Facts and figures Data - Figures Data - Figures in tables Data - Stuff to be crunched Data - Info Data - Android on the enterprise Data - Word with bank and base Data - Statistics, facts and such Data - Charted information Data - Computer fodder Data - Scientistsâ notes Data - Information Data - Almanac contents Data - File filler Data - Statistical information Data - It's processed Data - Computer output Data - It may be processed Data - Research results Data - Spreadsheet filler Data - Figures in tables, possibly Data - Numbers to crunch Data - Facts and figures and such Data - Raw material? Data - Computer "food" Data - Scientists' info Data - Scientist's study Data - Contents of some bases Data - Kind of base Data - Bank deposit? Data - Facts Data - Mainframe fodder Data - Computer input Data - Grist for market researchers Data - Statistician's stuff Data - Star trek android Data - Research findings Data - Floppy contents Data - Survey findings Data - Just the facts? Data - Computer info Data - Bank contents Data - Disk contents Data - Almanac fill Data - Holdings of some banks Data - Spreadsheet entries, e.g Data - Raw information Data - Computer input or output Data - Research search Data - Numerical info Data - Grist for some computers Data - They're often raw Data - Spreadsheet contents Data - Spreadsheet entries Data - Spreadsheet fill Data - Spreadsheet numbers, e.g Data - Feed for computers Data - Numbers for crunching, e.g Data - Scientific information Data - Kind of bank Data - It may be raw or processed Data - They're sometimes raw Data - Input Data - Grist for some processors Data - Food for thought? Data - Survey responses, e.g Data - It often requires processing Data - Facts and figures, e.g Data - Just the facts Data - Statistics and such Data - Entered material Data - Facts, e.g Data - Crunched numbers Data - Statistics Data - File fillers Data - Kind of bank or base Data - Spreadsheet figures Data - Office collection Data - Computer output, perhaps Data - Spreadsheet content Data - Numbers for crunching Data - Statistical info Data - Body of information Data - Things to crunch Data - It's sometimes mined Data - It may be raw Data - Experiment's yield Data - Experimental figures Data - Statistical fodder Data - Polling results, e.g Data - Body of facts Data - Something to crunch Data - Quantities of dope? Data - Numerical information Data - Material for tables Data - "star trek" android Data - Spreadsheet stuff Data - Processed units Data - Computer feed Data - It's often analyzed Data - Processing fodder Data - Flash drive filler Data - Input or output stuff Data - Statistician's fodder Data - It may need to be crunched Data - Disk-drive filler Data - Scientist's notes Data - What pollsters need Data - "raw" material Data - Spreadsheet material Data - Statistician's numbers Data - It may be mined Data - Analyst's need Data - Flash-drive filler Data - Mainframe input Data - Info to input Data - Info to crunch Data - Statistical components Data - Keyboarded info Data - Base material? Data - Numbers-crunching need Data - Disk filler Data - What's spread on a spreadsheet Data - Bits of info Data - Raw material, of sorts Data - What a computer crunches Data - Input for computers Data - Statistician's input Data - Excel input Data - Some bank holdings Data - It may be fed into an apple Data - Analysis candidates Data - Input for a computer program Data - Appendices with some studies Data - It's entered and processed Data - Certain analyst's input Data - It may be classified Data - Researcher's collection Data - Table material Data - Sports page info, e.g Data - Statistical input Data - Research output Data - See 26-across Data - It may be described in gigs Data - Bank deposits? Data - What a supercomputer crunches Data - Brent spiner's best-known role Data - What pollsters gather Data - Hard stuff that often gets crunched Data - It's crunched Data - Excel fodder Data - Raw numbers Data - Raw info Data - Poll numbers Data - Informa-tion Data - Brent spiner's 'star trek' role Data - It can be raw Data - Input info Data - Experiment's output Data - They're given to being grateful to the parent Data - Given, thank you, father Data - Collection of items of information Data - Items of information Data - Pieces of information Data - Facts and statistics Data - They're given, thanks to your old man Data - Facts and figures as processed by computer Data - Facts and figures as fed to computers (4) Data - Collection of facts, information Data - Facts and figures for computer Data - Collection of information Data - Thanks, pa, for all you've given Data - Thus given thanks to father Data - 'for all that's been given, thanks, father (4)' Data - They have given thanks to father Data - They're given thanks to a parent Data - Android who reported to captain picard Data - Numbers to be crunched Data - Dad, thanks for the information Data - Statistician's collection Data - Crunching candidates Data - Numbers, e.g Data - Input, often Data - Facts and figures slightly upset Data - Crunched thing Data - A bit about what statisticians collect Data - Act with this now to protect such values Data - Lawyer getting thanks for information Data - Constructed a table in which you'll find these? Data - Turned up only a little information Data - At short notice, sent up information Data - What one finds on the internet, thanks to the lawyer Data - Somewhat surprised at astounding facts Data - Listed facts Data - Information for computer Data - Information for/from computer Data - Collected information Data - Gathered stats Data - Collection of facts Data - A little upset revealing figures Data - Raw __ Data - Spreadsheet input Data - Flash-drive contents Data - Facts and statistics collected together Data - Spread-sheet fill Data - Stats Data - Processed material Data - Inside keep at father for the facts and figures Data - Number-cruncher's input Data - Tv android with a pet cat Data - Entered information Data - Pollster's need Data - Facts and figures brings father around where it's at Data - Something to back up Data - It's often raw Data - Backup-disc contents Data - Backup contents Data - Much input Data - Statistics, e.g Data - Target of some mining Data - Info to be crunched Data - Minable material Data - It's saved in bits Data - Census gathering Data - Mined-over matter? Data - Table material? Data - Series of measurements Data - Black box contents Data - It's spread through spreadsheets Data - Somewhat backing facts and figures Data - Dope somewhat backward Data - Uss enterprise android Data - Stuff to be mined Data - Tables, perhaps, turned at short notice Data - Sending back just a little information Data - Going back a little, found information from bank Data - Known facts given a little backing Data - Statistics collected Data - Organised information turned up at short notice Data - Facts, statistics Data - What's stored by computers? it's a bit upsetting Data - At short notice, turned the tables, perhaps Data - Statistics needing a little backing Data - Numerical information not much taken the wrong way Data - Known facts Data - Facts somewhat back-to-front Data - Information showing yank's a little backward Data - Prosecutor volunteers information Data - At short notice, sent back information Data - Information somewhat retrieved Data - Figures to a small extent uplifted Data - Factual information Data - A bit about what statisticians work on Data - Almanac content Data - Some dropbox contents Data - Spreadsheet makeup Data - Computer fare Data - Crunched stuff Data - ___ mining Data - Census info, e.g Data - Table filler Data - Info accumulation Data - __ mining Data - Computer output, often Data - A little taken aback by the information Data - Facts given Data - A bit backward providing information Data - Arranged a take-over having inside information Data - Army following up lawyer's information Data - A little backwards coming forward with information Data - Us official - thanks for the intelligence! Data - Information of american lawyer reservist Data - Facts drawn from a bid at auction Data - Raw facts Data - Computer information Data - A bit backwards showing intelligence Data - Statistical information turned over at short notice Data - Lawyer volunteers information Data - At short notice, came back with information Data - Bits of information Data - Given facts from which other facts can be inferred Data - American lawyer volunteers information Data - Facts that can be twisted a little Data - Facts concerning a little lad returning Data - Information retained by friend, a taxi-driver Data - Information a little backward Data - Facts, at short notice, presented the wrong way Data - Info in that addendum taken back Data - Information a bit topsy-turvy Data - Info turned up at short notice Data - Information a little back to front Data - Results of research a little bit upsetting Data - What russian spy said when asked if he'd like some information? Data - American lawman given thanks for information Data - Thanks to an american prosecutor you get the facts Data - Polling figures, e.g Data - Spreadsheet fodder Data - Cheers on lawman providing evidence? Data - Grist for a statistician Data - Drive filler Data - It may be raw or crunched Data - Contents of some tables Data - A little upset when given the facts Data - A wee bit backward providing info Data - Crunched material Data - Found a table showing information Data - Statistics, facts Data - Information -- a little sent over Data - Research material Data - Market research grist Data - Census collection Data - It may be crunched Data - Figures to be crunched Data - See 6-across Data - Stats and stuff Data - Figures to be processed Data - __ plan (wireless user's subscription) Data - Reverse a touch to get information Data - Arranged a takeover, having inside information Data - It's fed to computers Data - Percentages and such Data - Word before bank or mining Data - Some bank deposits? Data - Info's slightly retrospective Data - Cloud composition Data - Spreadsheet info Data - Gradgrind's final answer: 'much obliged for facts!' Data - Word before base Data - Onelinedrawing song that sticks to the facts? Data - Tour stats Data - Tour figures Data - Biography facts Data - Tour facts for archivist Data - Biography info Data - Tour accountant's facts and figures Data - Base contents? Data - Directs a threat against leaders in the information centre Data - Statistical information at short notice turned over Data - Statistical collection Data - Number cruncher's raw material Data - Input; facts Data - Subject of a cellphone cap Data - Reversing a touch to get information Data - Tablet input Data - Mining target Data - Not a lot put back in computer input? Data - Crunched stuff for computers Data - Computational fodder Data - Figures sold at auction houses Data - It may be stored on the cloud Data - Factual info Data - Figure in some unlimited phone plans Data - Fivethirtyeight fodder Data - Experimenter's collection Data - ___ point Data - Achieved a target, retaining information Data - Facts - star trek android Data - Items given for storage in a bank Data - Numerical facts Data - Fodder for crunching Data - Thumb drive contents Data - Hacker's theft Data - Almanac info