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Notrump - Special bid made by parliament after turn of century

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Notrump - 1 across call a vote for the negative republican candidate? Notrump - A call at bridge Notrump - Bid far from behind Notrump - Bid for a balanced hand Notrump - Bid in contract bridge Notrump - Bid of �100 raised by end Notrump - Bidding choice Notrump - Bridge bid Notrump - Bridge bid, perhaps Notrump - Bridge call Notrump - Bridge call, without fanfare Notrump - Call at table for t-bone or sirloin? Notrump - Call at table, suggesting preference for sirloin or t-bone? Notrump - Call by one with overweight backside! Notrump - Call from card player, a great deal turning up before cut Notrump - Card player's call - another cut required then? Notrump - Contract arrived at by players rather than clubs, for example Notrump - Disbelief expressed - tory leader behind the bid Notrump - Game declaration by ivana? Notrump - Given backing, heavyweight behind strong bid Notrump - Having no suit ranking above all others Notrump - In which top club can't lose due to red card, for example Notrump - Like a feature of contract name - it's briefly on the bottom Notrump - Not behind the bid for the bridge? Notrump - Not finding bottom in bridge Notrump - Not the bottom of such a bid Notrump - Part of a bid Notrump - Put morn (anag.) Notrump - Put morn (anag.); bridge call Notrump - Sort of contract for sirloin or rib-eye perhaps Notrump - Special bid made by parliament after turn of century Notrump - This type of bid is top, not bottom Notrump - Type of contract, not funny at start of play Notrump - What jeb bush would have liked in the 2016 presidential race?