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Carob - Not exactly a mug that one could use for chocolate

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Carob - Chocolate substitute Carob - Kind of bean Carob - Ersatz chocolate Carob - Tree with pods Carob - Chocolate alternative Carob - It's not really chocolate Carob - Health food store sweet Carob - Locust bean Carob - Faux chocolate Carob - Chocolate sub Carob - So-called 'hippie chocolate' Carob - Chocoholic's bane Carob - Sweet substitute at the health food store Carob - Health food sweet Carob - Health bar ingredient Carob - Poor substitute for 62-across Carob - Health bar flavor Carob - Sweet substitute Carob - Tree pod also called the locust bean Carob - Fake chocolate Carob - St. john's bread Carob - A queen tucked into nut from tree Carob - Evergreen tree with edible pods Carob - Arabian tree with brownish-purple pods Carob - Sugar source of old Carob - (seeds yielding) powder used as a chocolate substitute Carob - Ersatz cocoa Carob - Health store snack ingredient Carob - Phony chocolate Carob - Bean, a choc. substitute Carob - Tree yielding chocolate substitute Carob - A rook in a hazelnut tree Carob - Caught a redbreast not in tree Carob - Chocolate substitute pod Carob - St john's bread Carob - Saint john's bread Carob - Not exactly mug that one can use for chocolate Carob - Not exactly a mug that one could use for chocolate Carob - Imitation chocolate Carob - Tree that yields a chocolate substitute Carob - I left capital primarily buying chocolate substitute Carob - ...about to steal fruit Carob - About to carry off chocolate substitute Carob - Bill turns to robert - 'got a bean?' Carob - Tree from which swan crosses a river Carob - Tree nut hugs hollow acer Carob - Chocolate stand-in Carob - Accountant to steal mediterranean tree Carob - Cocoa alternative Carob - Chocolate imitation Carob - Cocoa substitute Carob - Evergreen with edible pods Carob - Chocolate substitute (or so they say...) Carob - Substitute for chocolate Carob - Garden pest with netlike patterns on its body and wings Carob - Zero sugar, say, coating chocolate substitute Carob - Tree with edible pods Carob - What some substitute for chocolate over cutting sugar, perhaps