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Startle - Make jump from headline story, dropping article

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Startle - Shock Startle - Scare suddenly Startle - Shake up Startle - Catch off guard Startle - Catch off-guard Startle - Make the hair stand on end Startle - Alarm Startle - Say "boo!" to, say Startle - Spook Startle - Take by surprise Startle - Suddenly spook Startle - Give a turn Startle - Cause to jump Startle - Surprise with a "boo!" Startle - Give a fright Startle - Surprise suddenly Startle - Scare Startle - That's a frightful way to begin with the french Startle - What a frightful thing to begin to begin to do! Startle - Surprise with starlet Startle - What a frightful thing to do to the tart when leslie is around! (7) Startle - A rather frightful thing to do - to begin with the french Startle - It will shake you to begin with the french Startle - Frighten suddenly Startle - Take unawares with rattles Startle - Begin with the french - that'll shake them (7) Startle - Begin with the french - what a frightful thing to do! Startle - Surprise and alarm Startle - Surprise greatly, alarm Startle - Surprise with fright Startle - So as to shake one, begin with the french Startle - So to begin with the french will shake one Startle - How frightful so to begin on the french Startle - Let it make one jump under 15 across Startle - Begin with the french to surprise one Startle - Begin with the frightful french Startle - Begin with the french to shake them Startle - It will surprise one to begin with the french Startle - Place the street art over the french alarm Startle - Frighten Startle - Cubist art lecture providing surprise Startle - Rattle's false alarm Startle - Frighten les, spilling acid in the process Startle - Surprise of persistent look officer kept up Startle - Rattle badly with surprise, initially? Startle - Alarm suddenly Startle - Surprise Startle - Take (someone) aback Startle - Take aback Startle - Surprise rattles dicky Startle - Scare slightly Startle - Very prominent story not carrying a surprise Startle - Keats's was wither'd from the lake Startle - Cause to feel alarm Startle - Man perhaps, though not i, eating cake given as surprise Startle - Alarm (someone) Startle - Cause shock to Startle - Shock, alarm Startle - Cause shock/alarm Startle - In latest art, learn to shock Startle - Shock (someone) Startle - Astonish, as lesson and lecture do Startle - Make jump from headline story, dropping article Startle - Surprise as country admits sides separately Startle - Shock beginning to french article Startle - Rats let loose can cause alarm Startle - Rattles (anag.) Startle - Shake rattles to take by surprise Startle - Surprise beginning to the half mile Startle - Begin with latin before english, creating surprise Startle - Astonish Startle - On a lead, let off to frighten Startle - Surprise opening by the french Startle - Surprise visit -- finally left in tears, sadly Startle - Restaurant toured by golfer in retirement producing surprise Startle - Rattles when it's false alarm Startle - Surprise, seeing sun let loose Startle - Somebody let off alarm Startle - Alarm rattles building Startle - Rock hard? that's about right Startle - Rock idol talked unevenly Startle - Amaze, as lennon and led zep do? Startle - Shock found the french being supportive Startle - Look around italy, regularly getting surprise Startle - Let off lead, goes over to frighten Startle - Alarm's gone off, keeping right time Startle - ... surprise celebrity story -- article's dropped Startle - Catch unaware