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Spoonerism - "wave the sails" for an environmentalist's slogan, perhaps?

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  • Spoonerism - Letter on S
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Spoonerism - 'hoobert heever,' e.g Spoonerism - "let me sew you to your sheet," e.g Spoonerism - Silly sound transposition Spoonerism - What each of the other four longest answers in this puzzle is Spoonerism - Trump the jack, e.g Spoonerism - To address farmers as 'you tons of soil' would be one Spoonerism - Is bird-watching an appropriate example of this? Spoonerism - Crieff blue metathesised for this? Spoonerism - That half-warmed fish, for example Spoonerism - Promise son to get treatment for speech defect Spoonerism - 'a lopping of sweaters', for example Spoonerism - Lack of pies, say Spoonerism - Hated the book, perhaps Spoonerism - Promises no unfair wordplay Spoonerism - Belly jeans, for example? Spoonerism - In which a pouty daughter becomes a doughty porter Spoonerism - Example of words initially exchanged in new college, oxford? Spoonerism - An initial mistake Spoonerism - Dean's remark initially modified Spoonerism - Verbal exchange of leading characters making anglers hate books? Spoonerism - No promises broken in occasional cluing technique Spoonerism - "wave the sails" for an environmentalist's slogan, perhaps? Spoonerism - Often amusing confusion of speech after initial exchange Spoonerism - What made the doggy mad? the moggy, dad! Spoonerism - 'more pence!' is poor men's confused utterance Spoonerism - No promises to arrange bird-watching? Spoonerism - Unintended exchange of early letters with old golf club by wretched miser Spoonerism - Fighting a liar, e.g Spoonerism - Promises no changes -- an error in speech