Take - Subtract

Word by letter:
  • Take - Letter on T
  • 1 - st. word T
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word K
  • 4 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Take - "give" partner Take - "___ five" (brubeck classic) Take - "___ my whole life too, for i can't help falling in love with you" Take - *opt in Take - Accept Take - Accept bet, though not at first Take - Accept english recipe Take - Accept or steal? Take - Accept sequence of film photographed at one time Take - Accept the bet, after a second Take - Accept, receive Take - Accept; (of seed) germinate Take - Acquire Take - Adopt the company policy and defend it strongly? Take - All sides today in draw Take - And 12 down: let oneself go and freely gratify one's kleptomaniac urges? Take - And 24 and 25: unconventional instruction on tablets for stomach? Take - And 25 down: what may be said after hit for pop band? Take - Approach bear Take - Appropriate Take - Appropriate amount recorded Take - Appropriate for a scene filmed without interruption Take - Assume Take - Attempt at filming a scene Take - Be hopeful nick is on the organ Take - Bet loses initial money received Take - Bit of filming Take - Booty Take - Box office earnings Take - Box office receipts Take - Box office sum Take - Box office total Take - Box-office receipts Take - Box-office total Take - Buy escort Take - Capture Take - Capture a scene on film Take - Capture and shoot Take - Capture on a board Take - Capture, in chess Take - Capture, secure Take - Carry off Take - Casino receipts Take - Chews Take - Choose Take - Coach's sign Take - Commandeer Take - Confiscate Take - Consume (drugs) Take - Consume catch Take - Convey; consume Take - Crib Take - Cut of the profits Take - Director's shoot Take - Director's shot Take - Director's unit Take - Double-___ (surprised reaction) Take - Endure; single recording Take - Enroll in, as a class Take - Expropriate Take - Fair amount of 25 across found in the till Take - Film director's unit Take - Filming unit Take - Filmmaking unit Take - Gate profits Take - Gate receipts Take - Gentlemen ---- polaroids (japan album) Take - George of 'star trek' Take - Get hold of the shop's money Take - Get hold of the shop¿s money Take - Get hold of what¿s wrapped in kolkata ketchup Take - Give partner Take - Give's counterpoint Take - Give's opposite Take - Give's partner Take - Grab Take - Grab hold of Take - Grasp Take - Have an effect Take - Have the desired effect Take - Heist amount Take - Heist haul Take - Heist tally Take - Help oneself to Take - Interpretation Take - It's necessary on some tours! Take - Lay hold of Take - Lay off, to a batter Take - Leave, with "off" Take - Lifehouse "___ me away" Take - Make off with Take - Mccartney "___ it away" Take - Money brought in Take - Money in the till Take - Movie director's unit Take - Net Take - Net earnings Take - Netted amount Take - Nick's interpretation? Take - Number on a clapperboard Take - Obtain Take - Occupy Take - Old musical advice to the fallen: provide the parakeet with a bed ... Take - On the ___ Take - Opinion Take - Partner of "give" Take - Perspective Take - Pilfer Take - Plunder Take - Point of view Take - Point of view, so to speak Take - Proceeds Take - Procure Take - Profits Take - Profits, informally Take - Purloin Take - Put up with Take - Queen "you ___ my breath away" Take - Reaction of surprise Take - Receipts Take - Receipts, collectively Take - Receive Take - Receive willingly Take - Receive; subtract Take - Remove Take - Remove, subtract Take - Remove, with "off" Take - Remove; accept Take - Remove; capture Take - Scam Take - Scene attempt Take - Scene-filming attempt Take - See 13 across Take - See 8-down Take - Seether "___ me away" Take - Seize Take - Session on the set Take - Shot on a set Take - Sign from the third-base coach Take - Snatch Take - Snatch or grab Take - Sound-stage try Take - Steal Take - Steal receipts Take - Steal recording Take - Steal; subtract Take - Stomach Take - Subtract Take - Subtract, with "away" Take - Subtract; accept Take - Subtract; assume Take - Teak (anag.) Take - The used "___ it away" Take - Thief's accumulation Take - Thieves' accumulation Take - Third-base coach's sign Take - Third-base coach's sign, perhaps Take - Third-base coach's sign, sometimes Take - To catch fish -- not hard after short time Take - Tolerate Take - Unit for a film editor Take - Unit on the set Take - Usurp Take - Viewpoint Take - Walk off with Take - Wicket-keepers like a clean one Take - With 'in' and 55-down, use without proper respect, as a name Take - With 110-down, become established Take - With 25-down, be prudent Take - With 25-down, office request Take - With 25-down, office request Take - Withstand Take - Word before five or ten Take - Would the south not give this for a stick Take - __ apart (dismantle) Take - ______ heart
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Subtract (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - subtract. word on "T". 1 - st. letter T. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter K. 4 - st. letter E.

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