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Oddment - Piece left over

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Oddment - Leftover Oddment - Just a bit 15 across for folk to come to tea Oddment - Peculiar people have a scrap before tea Oddment - Not even people can get a little tea at one of the ends Oddment - Not even folk get a piece of this over a little tea Oddment - People that are just ` bit peculiar with tea Oddment - Not even males before tea might have a scrap Oddment - Peculiar people start this just for a scrap Oddment - Curiosity, peculiarity Oddment - An isolated article, something left over Oddment - Something left over, an isolated article Oddment - Piece left over, no match Oddment - The sort of scrap that not even people start Oddment - Scrap outmoded books Oddment - They're singled out to start scrap Oddment - Peculiar people with time for a scrap Oddment - Theologian hands in books for scrap Oddment - Leftover from strange guys at turk¿s head Oddment - Remnant Oddment - A curiosity Oddment - Single sock, e.g Oddment - Scrap books theologian and bishops, say, are found in Oddment - Leftover piece Oddment - Not even satisfied to receive new spare part? Oddment - After rum finish off gin found lying around? just a bit left Oddment - Something left over Oddment - Left over item Oddment - Leftover rum intended for the speaker? Oddment - Divine fellows in scripture a bit spare Oddment - Exceptional leader of troops recruiting soldiers for scrap Oddment - Snippet Oddment - Leftover item Oddment - Not even soldiers on time for a scrap Oddment - Piece left over Oddment - Piece from staff under theologian engaged in good works Oddment - One of a broken set Oddment - Scrap left over Oddment - Scrap there's no match for Oddment - A remnant Oddment - Captain literally raised boxing dukes before onset of the scrap Oddment - Strange chaps with time for a fag end Oddment - Leftover rum needed by chaps getting tense Oddment - End with warning about bank payment on time Oddment - Left over for funny guys at turk's head Oddment - Daughter comes in to mend broken piece left over Oddment - Cloth leftover Oddment - Daughter coming in to mend broken bit Oddment - Part that can't be matched?