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Puritan - Calvinist protestant

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Puritan - Morally strict Puritan - Bluenose Puritan - Mrs. grundy Puritan - Pat may come to ruin if he's so strict Puritan - Member of a group of english protestants who thought that the protestant reformation was incomplete Puritan - Person of extreme moral strictness Puritan - Very strict person who sees fun as sinful Puritan - Strict person for whom pleasure is sinful Puritan - Adherent ot strict religous principles, opposed to sensual pleasures Puritan - Moralist girl entertained by joke Puritan - Joke about girl that's a prude Puritan - Educated woman's witty sally about a strait-laced type Puritan - Person of extremely strict morals Puritan - Strictly moral person Puritan - Libertine's opposite Puritan - Person of censorious moral beliefs Puritan - 17th-century new england settler Puritan - Joke about girl being narrow-minded Puritan - One for whom shaw wrote play with words about girl Puritan - Dour protestant Puritan - Moralistic play with words girl penned Puritan - Quip about a girl being a prude? Puritan - A strict person turned up and managed to hold it Puritan - O'flaherty's opponent of the established church in wordplay about conrad heiress Puritan - Play on words about girl being a prude Puritan - Train up loony to be a very proper person? Puritan - Calvinist protestant Puritan - Up train crashed – one not expected to go off the rails Puritan - One with very strict moral principles Puritan - Strait-laced girl to be educated in wit, of a sort Puritan - Extremely strict girl cracks joke Puritan - Joke about educated woman, who didn't recognise noel? Puritan - Strict moralist Puritan - Moralistic zealot serves a turnip stew Puritan - The sort of person who might put iran in trouble Puritan - Moralist ran it up crookedly Puritan - Person strictly moral in conduct Puritan - Person with strict taste in indian food cheers starter of nan Puritan - Joke about female being educated prig? Puritan - Strait-laced girl enters into the joke Puritan - Person shunning extravagance cooks a turnip Puritan - Moralist Puritan - Zealot from iran put in trouble Puritan - One forgoing pleasure Puritan - Goody-goody in up-train, unsettled Puritan - Prudish play on words about girl in film Puritan - Feeble joke about girl being strait-laced Puritan - Killjoy Puritan - Killjoy makes joke about woman Puritan - Old protestant’s bread, brown Puritan - 16th-century protestant demanding further reforms in doctrine and worship Puritan - Joke about woman, a strait-laced type