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Malaria - Protozoal disease

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Malaria - Tropical woe Malaria - Sub-saharan scourge Malaria - Chills and fever cause Malaria - It's remedied with quinine Malaria - Albert is so sick of having mary around Malaria - It makes you sick the way mother gets a pound with a song Malaria - How the girl gets most feverish about the french Malaria - Makes you sick of what's in opera at last Malaria - Will f ever get the french into the girl? Malaria - F ever good for a song at last? Malaria - Fever disease transmitted by mosquitoes Malaria - Disease carried by mosquitoes Malaria - It's transmitted by a mosquito bite Malaria - Disease causing fever transmitted by mosquitos Malaria - Mother gets a feverish song about fifty Malaria - A serious complaint about the song at last Malaria - Cause of high temperatures in the tropics? Malaria - Quinine target Malaria - Bernstein's heroine has the city in a fever Malaria - French complaint over song causes ill-feeling Malaria - Disease with fever calls for maria to swallow a litre Malaria - Complaint of west side girl about us city Malaria - Girl absorbs city fever Malaria - Complaint of girl about us city Malaria - After false alarm, one gets a complaint Malaria - Disease which makes woman hug little boy Malaria - Infectious fever Malaria - Fever caused by mosquito Malaria - Fever Malaria - Disease spread by mosquitoes Malaria - Disease carried by mosquitos Malaria - Disease spread by mosquito Malaria - Disease transmitted by mosquitoes Malaria - Disease spread by mosquito bites Malaria - Disease from a mosquito bite Malaria - Am a liar (anag) - fever Malaria - Tropical disease Malaria - Tropical malady Malaria - Fever cause Malaria - Bad thing to get in the tropics Malaria - Looking back, first class alarm manipulated overseas infection Malaria - Tropical worry Malaria - Modern term for 'roman fever' Malaria - Jungle illness Malaria - Central american danger Malaria - Mosquito-borne disease Malaria - Illness stops man finishing song Malaria - Mosquito-borne fever Malaria - Tropical fever Malaria - Fever-inducing disease Malaria - Protozoal disease Malaria - Tropical trouble Malaria - Gin and tonic was concocted to prevent it Malaria - Fever contracted by a dire liar in morocco Malaria - Complaint follows many a latin song Malaria - Disease, french complaint needing a change of air Malaria - Making a comeback, hit song 'fever' Malaria - Higher degree student on song gets infection Malaria - A bad strain of fever Malaria - Infectious disease, common in tropical countries Malaria - Disease Malaria - Maiden starts song, having caught the french disease Malaria - Disease once called 'marsh fever' Malaria - Girl in musical is carrier of the french disease Malaria - Quinine's target Malaria - Bloke not entirely on song gets disease Malaria - Comeback of hit song: fever Malaria - Disease from bites by infected mosquitos Malaria - Mosquito-transmitted disease Malaria - Paludisme Malaria - Disease brings false alarm to borders of india