Extol - Magnify central part of text as far as "large"

Word by letter:
  • Extol - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word X
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word O
  • 5 - st. word L

All questions by word:
Extol - Laud Extol - Hail Extol - Glorify Extol - Praise Extol - Shower kudos upon Extol - Commend highly Extol - Praise to the sky Extol - Sing the praises of Extol - Panegyrize Extol - Don't just compliment Extol - Praise to the rafters Extol - Praise highly Extol - Praise to the hilt Extol - Acclaim Extol - Shower with praise Extol - Celebrate Extol - Honor Extol - Laud, as virtues Extol - Brag about Extol - Praise to the skies Extol - Eulogize Extol - Prays, by the sound of it, from former to fifty Extol - Praise 'im when 'e gets ten and a lot more up Extol - Might 22 down praise from 10 to 50? Extol - Might 'e praise item number ten up from the bottom? Extol - Get the former item up and praise it Extol - Praise the former road tax, by the sound of it Extol - Praise be 'e has got ten and plenty more up there! Extol - 'e may praise this for getting ten and a lot more back Extol - Praise, laud Extol - 'praise, glorify (5)' Extol - Heap praises on Extol - Praise highly, laud Extol - Laud, praise Extol - Praise, glorify Extol - Praise enthusiastically Extol - 'e gets 10 to 50 for praise Extol - Let the ox be in praise of this Extol - Lex is about to praise this Extol - Thus might one p raise a lot Extol - Heap kudos on Extol - Sing the praises of x-l Extol - Praise mightily Extol - Crack up making those absent from w --- k, say? Extol - Praise is, in this context, oleaginous Extol - Once article for sale comes up, say how good it is Extol - Praise former setback Extol - Praise given to student once ahead Extol - Praise in context (oliver twist) Extol - Old crowd rise in praise Extol - Praise from former partner to student Extol - Old tax docked to pay tribute Extol - Old time, look back for praise Extol - The former model has nothing left to celebrate Extol - Former tax reduced by a pound -- celebrate! Extol - Praise for report of old tax Extol - Left after the former to give praise Extol - Praise for previous payment not complete Extol - Praise greatly Extol - Praise - laud Extol - Lift up Extol - Praise lavishly Extol - Lavishly praise Extol - Speak well of Extol - Trumpet Extol - 'praise first wife', many reflected Extol - Pay tribute Extol - Glorify - honour Extol - Highly praise Extol - Sing the praises of old partner to novice Extol - Praise for entry in the next olympics Extol - Praise from one-time partner almost had an effect Extol - Crack up once, having to ring off finally Extol - Sing praises of Extol - Lavishly praise text old extremists abandoned Extol - Former liberal about to be lavish with praise Extol - Praise some tales of wessex, told by hardy Extol - Nothing in departure lounge initially one picked out for praise Extol - Sing praises of next old-fashioned piece Extol - Praise with enthusiasm Extol - Former partner's left - about to celebrate Extol - Maxim editor cut Extol - Trumpet to be used in next olympics Extol - Enthusiastically praise Extol - Former head of teaching has nothing left to praise Extol - Commend european vote to liberal Extol - Sing the praises of former partner, set to retire Extol - Highly commend reduction of previous charge? Extol - Acclaim european vote, instructed to be brief Extol - Noises from former body count as praise Extol - Crack up coming from sussex to london Extol - To praise some tales of wessex, told by him Extol - Hymn formerly rising amount Extol - Laud's former partner set up Extol - Applaud former partner and upset group Extol - Crack up coming from middlesex to london Extol - Former liberal about to crack up Extol - Highly rate contents of next oldie Extol - Magnify central part of text as far as "large" Extol - Previous charge for ear trumpet Extol - Former liberal coming round to praise Extol - Acclaim former time lord making comeback in doctor's absence Extol - Wax lyrical about Extol - Applaud former group getting back together Extol - The spanish will get about ten to applaud Extol - The former lifted the crowd with praise Extol - Praise former wife to first lover Extol - Praise enthusiastically or lavishly Extol - Praise previous partner to get money Extol - The old crowd came back to give praise Extol - Praise former tax? not labour leader Extol - Talk up Extol - Exalt Extol - Speak well of former lover to first lover Extol - Celebrate former auction item turning up Extol - One dumped by backward department getting praise Extol - Praise formerly accompanied by endless peal Extol - Speak highly of former charge for the most part Extol - Praise luck turning on former partner Extol - Praise in text oleaginously Extol - Sing the praises of former lover set to come back Extol - Praise one that's left union over french department getting promotion Extol - Say great things about sequence in index to library Extol - Proclaim one-time fortune turning up Extol - Praise old group given a boost Extol - Former lover directed endless praise Extol - Former tax reduced by a pound -- celebrate Extol - Glorify former group making comeback Extol - Magnify one's end many times over Extol - Ballyhoo Extol - Celebrate making it out of essex to lancashire Extol - Praise the former charge, endlessly Extol - Sexy? it's bold to strip off for acclaim Extol - Laud; glorify Extol - Heap praise upon Extol - ... praise former gathering rejected Extol - Praise next old-fashioned sandwiches Extol - Praise former lover returning fortune Extol - Sing the praises of old partner taking back a fair amount Extol - Go wild about former character of biblical proportions making a comeback Extol - Once article for sale comes up, applaud Extol - Past tax cut gets acclaim Extol - Honour to be included in next olympics Extol - Really praise Extol - Praise levy once cut Extol - Praise or glorify Extol - Praise - honour Extol - Old crowd rises to offer praise Extol - Praise to the heavens Extol - Former partner joining group making comeback gets praise Extol - Speak highly of old lecturer to dons Extol - Acclaim former tax reduced by one pound Extol - Former partner not entirely mentioned for praise Extol - One-time rising group crack up? Extol - Praise former tax being reduced by a pound Extol - Applaud european vote on quota raised
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Magnify central part of text as far as "large" (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - magnify central part of text as far as "large". word on "E". 1 - st. letter E. 2 - st. letter X. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter O. 5 - st. letter L.

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