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Rigour - Severity, strictness

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  • Rigour - Letter on R
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Rigour - Severity, in soho Rigour - Strict exactitude Rigour - Severity, harshness Rigour - That's the outfit with our severity Rigour - Fix it for us so that it's harsh Rigour - Fix up your severity and mine Rigour - Stiffness or strictness Rigour - Severity or strictness, perhaps of the law Rigour - Severity or stringency Rigour - Harshness, severity Rigour - Severity or strictness Rigour - Extreme care and thoroughness Rigour - Arrangement of us in severity Rigour - Tamper with setters' exactitude Rigour - Hem of outfit removed by river's severity Rigour - Fix the guardian's severity Rigour - Strictness Rigour - Strictness - austerity Rigour - Hardship Rigour - Austerity - strictness Rigour - Preciseness - severity Rigour - It requires precision to tamper with around old city Rigour - Harshness voiced by fraudster? Rigour - Thoroughness of one who works on craft, say Rigour - Severity, strictness Rigour - Strict precision, of thought say Rigour - Severity Rigour - Man working on ship said to be doing the job thoroughly Rigour - Sternness Rigour - Strictness in theatre employee, we hear Rigour - Equipment needs our scrupulous attention Rigour - Trying to hurry occasionally creates hardship Rigour - Pair starts ringing government urbanisation associated with law enforcement Rigour - Inflexibility in south america over golf in old city Rigour - Scaffolder reported stiffness Rigour - Meticulousness of person working on ship being reported Rigour - Hardship of ship worker reportedly Rigour - Quality of being extremely thorough and careful Rigour - Extreme strictness