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Lapse - Brief failure of judgement

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Lapse - Run out, as a subscription Lapse - Come to an end Lapse - Run out Lapse - Expire Lapse - Oversight Lapse - Slip-up Lapse - Memory failure Lapse - Come to an end, like a subscription Lapse - Slip Lapse - Need renewal Lapse - Instance of zoning out Lapse - Regress Lapse - Memory slippage Lapse - Backslide Lapse - Expire, as a membership Lapse - Mental slip Lapse - Memory slip Lapse - Subscription termination Lapse - Pass by, as time Lapse - Discontinuance Lapse - Gap, as in judgment Lapse - Moment of forgetfulness Lapse - Memory gap Lapse - Accidental gap Lapse - Fall from grace Lapse - Minor error Lapse - Stop receiving money in the mail? Lapse - Memory glitch Lapse - Memory slip, e.g Lapse - Slip by Lapse - Policy end Lapse - Go by Lapse - Short period of forgetfulness Lapse - Expire, as a subscription Lapse - Senior moment, e.g Lapse - Senior moment, say Lapse - One may precede a recall Lapse - "a momentary ___ of reason" (pink floyd) Lapse - Mini-slip? Lapse - Momentary goof Lapse - Memory ___ Lapse - Gaffe Lapse - Memory mishap Lapse - Fall into disuse Lapse - Memory failure, e.g Lapse - Subside Lapse - Run out, as a policy Lapse - End, as a subscription Lapse - Become invalid Lapse - Concentration problem Lapse - Mini-mistake Lapse - Transgression Lapse - Terminate, as an insurance policy Lapse - Go unrenewed Lapse - Judgment problem Lapse - End Lapse - Forgetful moment Lapse - Small error Lapse - Spell of forgetfulness Lapse - Dropping the ball, so to speak Lapse - Error Lapse - Inattentive error Lapse - End, as a magazine subscription Lapse - Temporary failure Lapse - Temporary failure, as of judgment Lapse - Time-___ photography Lapse - Minor goof Lapse - Small mistake Lapse - Faux pas Lapse - Slight error Lapse - Omission Lapse - Decline Lapse - Interruption Lapse - Senior moment Lapse - Minor slip Lapse - One would be in error if one drinks, by the sound of it, in so beastly a way Lapse - It's a breach of manners if one drinks like a beast, by the sound of it Lapse - A slip-up if one makes a sound of beastly drinking Lapse - Slight error as caused by inattention Lapse - Decline into an inferior state Lapse - Run out, as subscriptions Lapse - Pales into omission Lapse - Slight error due to forgetfulness Lapse - Error cause by weakness or inattention Lapse - A slight error or a passage of time Lapse - Go back to bad behaviour Lapse - Pleas about omission Lapse - Word with "time" or "memory" Lapse - Pause Lapse - Pleas for a moral fall Lapse - Come to an end, as a magazine subscription Lapse - A fall from grace for fifty, a part of the church Lapse - Minor mistake Lapse - Become void Lapse - Failure to maintain standard circuits ending in catastrophe Lapse - Lose faith in pleas? Lapse - Run out, legs extended by a quarter Lapse - Left before recess - a blunder Lapse - Oversight! right out of cultured pearls Lapse - Error with drinks, say Lapse - Drop round to see one off Lapse - Slip, keel over, pass away Lapse - Error made by student before recess Lapse - Passing - mistake Lapse - Decline - pass away Lapse - Untypical mistake Lapse - Fall from usual standard Lapse - Temporary drop in standard Lapse - Loss (in concentration, say?) Lapse - Fall from the faith Lapse - Sepal (anag) Lapse - Expire, as an insurance policy Lapse - Subscription slip Lapse - Mental failure Lapse - Slip of memory Lapse - Break in concentration Lapse - Fail in duty Lapse - Brain freeze Lapse - Minor failing Lapse - Slipup Lapse - Mental error Lapse - Slip of the mind Lapse - Left in the church to run out Lapse - Pass into disuse Lapse - Temporary deviation Lapse - Inadvertent error Lapse - Previously looking up without one mistake Lapse - Cease to be valid Lapse - Fail, wanting drinks, to be heard Lapse - Oversight of liberal section of church Lapse - Slip up or slip by Lapse - Fault in circuits reported Lapse - Slip; sounds like circuits Lapse - Wild leaps causing a slip Lapse - Drinks audibly; a breach of protocol? Lapse - Brief (memory) failure Lapse - Lose concentration on the circuit? Lapse - Interval Lapse - Failure (of concentration) Lapse - Liberal part of church shows moral shortcoming Lapse - Negligence Lapse - A moral fall Lapse - Brief slip; fall from faith Lapse - Brief failure (of memory) Lapse - Speaker's circuits stop being effective Lapse - Brief failure Lapse - Brief failure of judgement Lapse - Memory problem Lapse - In a perverse way, a failure may almost please Lapse - Failure Lapse - Slip, error Lapse - Momentary mistake Lapse - Circuits' electronic error Lapse - Slip, fall to ground, pass out Lapse - Little power in endless source of light? that's a mistake Lapse - Careless mistake Lapse - Drinks before start of exam -- a mistake Lapse - Left area of church to pass into disuse Lapse - Moral fall Lapse - Heard northerners slip Lapse - Slip and fall, missing pass Lapse - Circles vowel in error Lapse - Liberal section of church backsliding Lapse - Error; expire Lapse - Error; oversight Lapse - Failing school's closure put before part of the church Lapse - Faux pas in french article could be oversight Lapse - Orbits earth by mistake Lapse - Temporary failure of judgment or concentration Lapse - Mental mistake Lapse - Temporary decline Lapse - Failure of judgment Lapse - Terminate Lapse - The french framing a note in error Lapse - Instance of forgetfulness Lapse - Little slip-up Lapse - Failing Lapse - Sign of forgetfulness Lapse - Large portion of church in decline Lapse - Sound of ripples in sink Lapse - Inattentive mistake Lapse - Legs before energy gets to run out Lapse - Mistake Lapse - Run out, as insurance Lapse - Mental blunder Lapse - Judgment slip-up Lapse - Bit of bad judgment Lapse - Mental misstep Lapse - Error in judgment Lapse - Decline drinks, say Lapse - Line in front of church recess for sin Lapse - Slip back Lapse - Careless decline Lapse - Revert (to bad habits, etc) Lapse - Subscription stoppage