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Sumatra - Island scholar absorbed in buddhist scripture

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Sumatra - Island across the strait from singapore Sumatra - Island crossed by the equator Sumatra - Indonesian island Sumatra - Island divided almost in half by the equator Sumatra - Island southwest of malaysia Sumatra - Java neighbor Sumatra - Island in western indonesia Sumatra - Indonesian island crossed by the equator Sumatra - 2004 tsunami locale Sumatra - Banda aceh's island Sumatra - Island on the strait of malacca Sumatra - Westernmost of the sunda islands Sumatra - Orangutan habitat Sumatra - Figures first in east in dies Sumatra - A us mart on an indonesian island? Sumatra - Large indonesian island Sumatra - Island bisected by the equator Sumatra - Painting gives some amusement over in the far east Sumatra - Scholar dipped into sanskrit works in asian island Sumatra - Traumas treated in indonesia Sumatra - Island scholar delving into sanskrit sayings Sumatra - Large island of indonesia Sumatra - Home to many orangutans Sumatra - Island visited by marco polo Sumatra - Island on the equator Sumatra - Back in jakarta, must locate part of indonesia Sumatra - Second largest indonesian island Sumatra - Island displays part of koran, including aid to prayer Sumatra - Island suffering traumas Sumatra - Island having problem with bacteria at regular intervals Sumatra - Buddhist writing about old lady in eastern island Sumatra - Old woman absorbed by asian scripture in island in indian ocean Sumatra - Scholar opened buddhist writings in indonesian island Sumatra - Giant rat's home is a problem before middle of boat-race Sumatra - Some land essential to start a museum up Sumatra - Craft to divert after capsizing, briefly making island Sumatra - Island scholar absorbed in buddhist scripture Sumatra - Problem facing the sun for island Sumatra - Pictures two americans mounted depict eastern island Sumatra - Island of indonesia Sumatra - Island amateurs played without hope, ultimately Sumatra - Old woman absorbed by hindu scripture in asian island Sumatra - Mountainous island -- climbing, in part, a must Sumatra - Trauma's convulsed asian island Sumatra - Neighbor of java Sumatra - World's fifth most populous island Sumatra - Island known for its coffee Sumatra - Indonesian island near java Sumatra - A us tram adapted for island Sumatra - Island craft backed by whole area