Apple - Pupil with a small swelling losing one mark

Word by letter:
  • Apple - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word P
  • 4 - st. word L
  • 5 - st. word E

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Apple - Brown betty ingredient Apple - Mac maker Apple - Big name in computers Apple - Jobs site Apple - Ibook maker Apple - Computer logo Apple - Macintosh maker Apple - Present for the teacher Apple - Doctor repellent? Apple - Kind of butter Apple - Ipod maker Apple - Waldorf salad ingredient Apple - It has white flesh Apple - Tell's target Apple - Company started by jobs and wozniak Apple - It's big in nyc Apple - Ibm alternative Apple - Jobs site? Apple - Baseball, slangily Apple - Red ___ Apple - Eve's downfall Apple - Present for a teacher Apple - Bobber's quest Apple - Kind of butter or brandy Apple - Quaint schoolroom item Apple - Tell tale item Apple - Jobs creation Apple - Imac maker Apple - Ingredient in waldorf salad Apple - Pie fruit Apple - Tell target Apple - Computer name Apple - Still-life fruit Apple - Tell tale target? Apple - Cobbler flavor Apple - Company founded by two steves Apple - The big __ (new york city) Apple - Cider source Apple - Rome or jonathan Apple - With 24-across, fortune 500 company founded by two college dropouts Apple - Brandy flavor Apple - - Apple - Snack item Apple - Jobs can be found there Apple - Orchard fruit Apple - Iphone maker Apple - William tell's target Apple - Eve's undoing Apple - Winesap, e.g Apple - Cobbler ingredient Apple - Ibm rival Apple - Computer giant Apple - Temptation for atalanta Apple - Lunchbox staple Apple - Pie filling Apple - Flavor of calvados brandy Apple - Bob hope? Apple - *item on a schoolmarm's desk, maybe Apple - Forbidden fruit, traditionally Apple - * "i only run the mac as needed, turning it off when not in use..." Apple - Sauce source Apple - Washington product Apple - Granny smith or mcintosh Apple - Let loose, maybe Apple - 'odell lake' computer company Apple - "an ___ a day ..." Apple - User of the prefix "i-" Apple - Microsoft rival Apple - Juice source Apple - Record label launched in 1968 Apple - Gift from a teacher's pet Apple - Beatles record label Apple - Pie type Apple - Pie or cider fruit Apple - Popular pie fruit Apple - Beatles' record company Apple - Cider fruit Apple - Icloud company Apple - Ipad maker Apple - Granny smith, e.g Apple - Winesap, for one Apple - Cobbler fruit Apple - Bobbing goal Apple - Target for tell Apple - Cobbler need Apple - Fruit-yielding tree Apple - Stayman, for one Apple - Newton's inspiration Apple - 21-across' tempter Apple - Isaac newton's inspiration Apple - Red fruit Apple - Cider flavor Apple - It has a core Apple - Gwyneth and chris's 'fruit' Apple - Jobs' company Apple - * 'i only run the mac as needed, turning it off when not in use...' Apple - Red delicious, e.g Apple - That caused a darn' lot of trouble Apple - When he's in the beer, the priest may cause trouble in eden Apple - Would the likes of granny smith be big enough for new york? Apple - Very soft fruit in the beer Apple - Adam's downfall might have the 12 across in the beer Apple - Would old mrs smith have been big enough for new york? Apple - Being in the drink, the priest may have been the downfall of adam Apple - Might this be granny smith getting a priest over the french Apple - Sounds as if there's something soft in the beer on the tree Apple - What a dam' shame it was for him Apple - A computer for eden gets soft in 22 down Apple - Sounds as if there might be a pip in it Apple - That's a dam' temptation for the cox, perhaps Apple - Crab, cooking or eating fruit Apple - 'an . . . . . a day keeps the doctor away' Apple - Crisp fruit Apple - Proverbial preventive Apple - Granny smith may have been a cox Apple - A dam's in his throat Apple - One a day keeps the doctor away Apple - 'the ..... never falls far from the tree' Apple - Sweet or tart fruit Apple - Fruit with firm white flesh Apple - A fruit Apple - How a priest may get the french fruit by computer Apple - Tim cook is its new ceo Apple - Company co-founded by 57-across Apple - 'let it be' label Apple - Maker of logic and final cut Apple - A priest into beer and fruit Apple - S&p 500 company Apple - Tech behemoth Apple - Source of cider Apple - Winesap or northern spy Apple - Fruit that's big in the us Apple - See 15 Apple - See 22 Apple - Favourite fruit Apple - Computer prize awarded by paris Apple - Fruit porter admits double-parking Apple - Pupil mimic encompassing his ends Apple - Fruit that's big in new york Apple - Fruit tree polled containing pea, say Apple - Left to feed dog, perhaps, breaking in pieces for pudding Apple - Fruit drink, swallowed very quietly Apple - Fruit Apple - Granny smith? Apple - Fruit used in cider Apple - Fruit that keeps doctor away? Apple - German fruity dessert Apple - S&p 500 stock Apple - Ontario's ____ hill Apple - Pie choice Apple - Huge name in electrics Apple - The big ___ (new york city) Apple - Ilife producer Apple - Fruit in the nickname of new york city Apple - Forbidden in garden work station perhaps Apple - Nasdaq-100 stock Apple - Fruit from eden? Apple - Request to be served one of 19 down's just so story? Apple - Us computer company Apple - Prop in 'snow white and the seven dwarfs' Apple - Cook's corp Apple - Teacher's stereotypical gift Apple - Tech company that was sued by the beatles Apple - Noted gadgets maker Apple - Fruit to bob for Apple - Fruit for new yorkers? Apple - Waldorf-salad ingredient Apple - Evil queen's offering to snow white Apple - Brown betty fruit Apple - Pink lady, for example Apple - Adam had one! Apple - Big-time tablet maker Apple - Certain sauce source Apple - Popular computer Apple - Tablet maker of note Apple - Orchard tree Apple - Granny smith, for one Apple - Golden delicious, e.g Apple - Baldwin, for one Apple - 'world's most admired company,' per fortune Apple - Firm round fruit Apple - Familiar fruit logo Apple - Cider provider Apple - Adam's follower is big in new york Apple - New york the big one Apple - Chap pleased to hold award from paris Apple - Delight (of one's eye) Apple - One poisoned disney's snow white Apple - In exercise, place behind a tree Apple - The beatles' fruity label Apple - The - cart (shaw) Apple - Eg, bramley, braeburn Apple - Black -----, reggae supergroup formed in the 70s Apple - Discordant gift from paris Apple - Fruit pip, one going into drink Apple - Drink containing double amount of soft fruit Apple - Fruit peel spotted Apple - Fruit with pips Apple - Fruit with spots on skin needs to be peeled Apple - Hollow seed found in bitter fruit Apple - Cooker possibly giving some chap pleasure Apple - Fruit's very soft when placed in beer Apple - Jonathan, for example, very quietly tucking into drink Apple - Common fruit Apple - Fruit of the rose family Apple - Award from paris is big in new york Apple - An award from paris in response to beautiful bribe Apple - Polled tree bearing soft fruit Apple - Dressing; irish county Apple - Tree that's mottled getting pollarded Apple - Pupil with a small swelling losing one mark Apple - On a phone, perhaps itunes will reveal its producer Apple - Disputable present from paris Apple - Tree of the rose family Apple - Delicious, for one Apple - Traditional temptation Apple - Big name in phones Apple - Fuji, e.g Apple - Samsung's phone competitor Apple - A very soft semi-pale fruit Apple - Fruit found in waldorf salad Apple - Fruit that's very soft is steeped in stout Apple - Porter carrying extra soft fruit Apple - Fruit porter keeping very quiet Apple - Eg bramley Apple - Eg cox, bramley Apple - Fruit porter admits double parking Apple - Eve's fruit Apple - Soft drink without fruit Apple - Corporation founded by the beatles Apple - Fruit with red, yellow or green skin Apple - -- brook, actress who plays professor grubbly-plank in 'harry potter and the order of the phoenix' Apple - Tempting fruit Apple - Record label founded by the beatles in 1968 Apple - Fruit drink about 2p Apple - Cooking and eating custard all come before fruit Apple - According to a rule all people like this fruit Apple - Fruit tree Apple - Monkey grabbing ends of peel to obtain fruit Apple - King george takes no part in struggle for fruit Apple - Fruit drink that's consumed very quietly Apple - See 21 across Apple - Fruit drink containing pip i extracted Apple - Wood that's mottled first to be discarded Apple - Pomaceous fruit Apple - Fruit very softly dropped into alcoholic drink Apple - Fruit drink very quietly being swallowed Apple - Snow white's undoing Apple - Dow 30 company Apple - Delicious fruit Apple - Inspiration for isaac newton Apple - Cider's fruit base Apple - Drink containing very soft fruit Apple - Golden delicious, for one Apple - New york city symbol Apple - New york symbol Apple - A giant one rises when a mets player hits a homer Apple - Lunchbox fruit Apple - Waldorf salad cube Apple - 'hey jude' record label, or what the end of each starred answer is Apple - See 44-across Apple - Turnover fruit Apple - Fab four record label Apple - Computer company Apple - Jobs and wozniak founded it Apple - Big name in smartwatches Apple - Popular pie Apple - "snow white . . ." key plot device Apple - "snow white" fruit Apple - Mcintosh or delicious Apple - Fruity variety of crab Apple - Northern spy, e.g Apple - Fruit in bottom of skip covered by pale bananas Apple - Green ___ quick step Apple - It brought to notice the gravity of the world's position Apple - Beatles' record label Apple - Cobbler's material? Apple - The beatles' label Apple - Father consumed by drink in the orchard Apple - A father lost home ultimately to a crabby sort! Apple - Jobs and wozniak start-up Apple - It knocked newton's noggin Apple - "give peace a chance" label Apple - Big city nickname with a big no-no? Apple - Something shipped from washington Apple - Pome fruit Apple - Fruit drink containing pip's husk Apple - Crisp snack Apple - A dow jones industrial Apple - Big __ Apple - "an ___ a day..." Apple - Daughters leave mottled fruit Apple - Fruit tree separated from fruit Apple - Fruit associated with 17- and 56-across and 10- and 24-down Apple - ___ ii (jobs-wozniak creation) Apple - Tell tale target Apple - Cider's fruit base Apple - Fruit picked initially in tree, missing head Apple - Label launched by the beatles Apple - Label launched by the beatles Apple - Essence of a "butter"
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Pupil with a small swelling losing one mark (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - pupil with a small swelling losing one mark. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter P. 3 - st. letter P. 4 - st. letter L. 5 - st. letter E.

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