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Teetotal - Abstaining from drink

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Teetotal - Stay dry Teetotal - Pass the bar? Teetotal - Abstain from alcohol Teetotal - Stay dry? Teetotal - Stay on the wagon Teetotal - Eschew booze Teetotal - On the wagon Teetotal - Eschew alcohol Teetotal - Keep dry Teetotal - Don't take the fifth? Teetotal - Shun booze Teetotal - Shun liquor Teetotal - Shun spirits Teetotal - That's all for the drivers - do without drink Teetotal - One's dry for the sum of the drives, it seems Teetotal - Abstaining completely from alcohol Teetotal - Abstention from alcoholic drink Teetotal - Abstaining completely from alcoholic drinks Teetotal - Completely abstaining from alcoholic drink Teetotal - The sum of your drives without some of your drinks Teetotal - Don't drink Teetotal - What the driver needs on the whole is to be sober Teetotal - Wild duck swallows english dram, if dry Teetotal - Dabbler consumes energy drink when on the waggon Teetotal - Support might be running dry Teetotal - Like a pioneer supporter of course, that's the bottom line Teetotal - Pledged to abstain from alcohol Teetotal - Never drinking alcohol Teetotal - Non-drinking Teetotal - Abstaining from alcohol Teetotal - Abstinent Teetotal - What the driver needs needs above all is to be sober Teetotal - Aa's attitude provides driver's aid for count Teetotal - Supporter, on the whole, is temperate Teetotal - Dry old tory leader attlee turned round Teetotal - Avoid booze Teetotal - Not believe in spirits? Teetotal - Taking no alcohol Teetotal - Never touching 13 Teetotal - Abjuring alcohol Teetotal - Like a rechabite's drink, say - the whole lot! Teetotal - Dry meal for reporters, the whole lot Teetotal - Duck coming out of sort of bag upset and refusing to drink Teetotal - Given eighteen holes of support, likely to miss the nineteenth? Teetotal - Dry duck enthralling english kid Teetotal - Above all, help for driver on the wagon Teetotal - Support the whole number on the wagon Teetotal - Attlee worried about leaders of the opposition abstaining Teetotal - Abstaining from drink Teetotal - To let tea brew means avoiding any possibility of inebriation Teetotal - Attlee to replace on the wagon Teetotal - Stand the whole lot on the wagon Teetotal - Not including the 19th hole, would that make 18? Teetotal - Dry Teetotal - Abstinent oriental with young child feeds the duck Teetotal - Sober on seeing final golfing score Teetotal - What the driver needs above all is to be sober Teetotal - Abstemious Teetotal - Stand all to, though not drinking Teetotal - Sober Teetotal - Dry white wine? not for him! Teetotal - Not drinking from the little cup at all Teetotal - It describes a man lacking spirit Teetotal - Avoiding alcohol Teetotal - Abstinent from alcohol Teetotal - Completely abstinent Teetotal - Dry part of course followed by child, a learner Teetotal - Support complete drunk? no way Teetotal - Not being wet in any way? Teetotal - Number of starting places on the links or on the wagon Teetotal - Duck sheltering eggs initially and youngster keeping completely dry Teetotal - How many golf pegs on the wagon? Teetotal - Abstaining Teetotal - Reportedly drink dram, nearly fully sober Teetotal - Count, after support, is on the wagon Teetotal - Sober support nearly complete imbibing dram Teetotal - Sworn off alcohol Teetotal - Dry duck to put back in bag? on the contrary Teetotal - Refusing alcohol -- it's 18, usually Teetotal - Stir to let tea dry Teetotal - Completely dry Teetotal - Remain on the wagon Teetotal - On the course, it's 18 and dry Teetotal - On the course, it's 18 and dry