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Fiddle - Violin; falsify (figures)

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Fiddle - (play) a violin Fiddle - A fit comparison Fiddle - Awkward task for tinker Fiddle - Bow to its dishonesty (6) Fiddle - Bowed stringed instrument Fiddle - Cheat Fiddle - Cheat on (e.g. expenses) Fiddle - Cheat using violin Fiddle - Cheat’s set of papers opened by doctor Fiddle - Cheat; violin Fiddle - Commit fraud; instrument Fiddle - Cook something stringy? Fiddle - Cook's dossier gone into by theologian Fiddle - Deception for which one takes a bow Fiddle - Dishonest action that has strings attached? Fiddle - Doctor's standard for fitness Fiddle - Dossier about doctor of divinity reveals fraud Fiddle - Epitome of fitness Fiddle - Few prospects for the sex pistols Fiddle - Fit as a - Fiddle - Fit as a . . . . . . - in good musical shape? Fiddle - Fit as a . . . . . . is very fit Fiddle - Fix musical instrument Fiddle - Fraudulent instrument? Fiddle - Get by cheating, or handle aimlessly Fiddle - Hoedown instrument Fiddle - How the ramones said farewell to their amigos Fiddle - Idle part of field difficult to turn over Fiddle - Instrument - fraud Fiddle - Instrument for doctor Fiddle - Instrument in comparatively good condition Fiddle - It takes a bow Fiddle - It"s not honest, even with strings attached Fiddle - It's a bit crooked for bowing and scraping Fiddle - It's not honest to take a bow to it Fiddle - It's stringy and twisty Fiddle - Just a little crooked with much bowing and scraping Fiddle - Just can't sit still while you commit an offence Fiddle - Kit perhaps two daughters put in box Fiddle - Member of the violin family Fiddle - Monkey with a musical instrument Fiddle - One has to bow to it with strings attached Fiddle - One might get fed with this and its lid with strings attached Fiddle - One must bow to this sort of dishonesty Fiddle - One takes a bow with this Fiddle - One takes one's bow for such deception (6) Fiddle - Orchestral manoeuvre? Fiddle - Play - cheat Fiddle - Play about viola Fiddle - Play with the horse's hair over the cat's gut Fiddle - Play, but cheat Fiddle - Played trick? Fiddle - Plays music at the end of 15 across Fiddle - Provide music while you cook Fiddle - Religious academic stands in line to bow and scrape Fiddle - Scam - musical instrument Fiddle - Square dance instrument Fiddle - Square dance violin Fiddle - Steal from one's employer Fiddle - Stringed instrument Fiddle - Stringed instrument - cheat Fiddle - Stringed instrument - racket! Fiddle - Swindle Fiddle - Swindle for the musical instrument Fiddle - Swindle the musical instrument Fiddle - Swindle with informal violin Fiddle - Tamper with instrument Fiddle - The poor man's violin Fiddle - Theologian exposed in papers as cheat Fiddle - Theologian placed in official record as cheat Fiddle - This will enable you to take your bow and mess around with 32 down Fiddle - Tinker (with) Fiddle - Tinker with instrument Fiddle - Tinker's days standing in line Fiddle - Tinker's dossier covering two days Fiddle - Toy - string instrument - cheat Fiddle - Toy instrument Fiddle - Trifle - swindle Fiddle - Trivial things Fiddle - Violin Fiddle - Violin - racket Fiddle - Violin; falsify (figures) Fiddle - What's in the file is divine enough for one to take one's bow for it Fiddle - Work in a band in fraudulent transaction