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Pastel - Outmoded

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  • Pastel - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word T
  • 5 - st. word E
  • 6 - st. word L

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Pastel - "paint ___ princess" silverchair Pastel - 'father's let up, just a shade (6)' Pastel - 1980s shade Pastel - A light delicate shade of colour Pastel - An anagram for "staple" Pastel - Anagram for "staple" Pastel - Aqua, e.g Pastel - Artificial gems, large and pale in colour Pastel - Artist's chalklike crayon Pastel - Artist's crayon Pastel - Artist's medium Pastel - Baby blue, e.g Pastel - Bâtonnet servant à dessiner Pastel - Bedroom hue Pastel - Bound to turn over stone of delicate colour Pastel - Chalk-like crayon Pastel - Chalklike crayon Pastel - Chalky crayon Pastel - Crayon - gentle shade of colour Pastel - Crayon - of soft shades Pastel - Crayon - pale colour Pastel - Crayon kin Pastel - Crayon used in art Pastel - Crayon, glue - third element of collage? Pastel - Crayon; light shade Pastel - Crush and pound pigments mixed with gum Pastel - Degas medium Pastel - Degas's 'la toilette,' for one Pastel - Delicate and pale in colour Pastel - Delicate color Pastel - Delicate colour Pastel - Delicate colour found in plates Pastel - Delicate colour in plates Pastel - Delicate colour of sari at first accepted by indian Pastel - Delicate colour shade Pastel - Delicate hue Pastel - Delicate shade Pastel - Delicate shade of colour Pastel - Delicate shade; crayon Pastel - Done with the spanish painter's medium Pastel - Drawing crayon; light shade Pastel - Drawing line at the edge of doughy mass Pastel - Drawing that's easy on the eyes Pastel - Easter tone Pastel - Fake diamonds left behind are a delicate shade Pastel - Father lets up just a shade Pastel - Father's let up just a shade Pastel - Father's let up, just a shade Pastel - Father's telephone is light coloured Pastel - How father lets up, just a shade Pastel - How the old man lets up, just a shade Pastel - How your old man lets up, just a shade Pastel - Just a shade beyond the spanish Pastel - Just a shade of no present to start this Pastel - Lavender or lilac Pastel - Let it come up the tree, just for shade Pastel - Let what comes up the plant come up for the artist Pastel - Light color Pastel - Light colour Pastel - Light hue Pastel - Light shade Pastel - Like many a degas over with the spanish Pastel - Many a degas Pastel - Many a degas portrait Pastel - Many a matisse Pastel - Medium for mary cassatt Pastel - Muted color choice Pastel - Muted, as colors Pastel - None too bright on the other side of the tracks Pastel - Of a colour, subtle Pastel - Outmoded Pastel - Pa lets up just a shade for this Pastel - Pale Pastel - Pale delicate colour Pastel - Pale in colour after meeting the spanish Pastel - Pale or light colors Pastel - Pale pink, for one Pastel - Pale shade Pastel - Perhaps father lets up like this, just a shade Pastel - Pleats of a light colour Pastel - Quietly steal off into the shade Pastel - Saint featured in indian art work Pastel - Salmon, for one Pastel - Set off with chum to get hold of the drawing Pastel - Shade that's not hot Pastel - Shall we follow up father a shade? Pastel - Shall we turn up just a shade after father? Pastel - Sidewalk artist's medium Pastel - Soft color Pastel - Soft colour Pastel - Soft hue Pastel - Soft palate's possibly missing end of uvula Pastel - Soft shade Pastel - Soft shade (of a colour) Pastel - Soft shade; crayon Pastel - Sort of palest colour Pastel - Spectral colour Pastel - Staple (anag) Pastel - Staple light colour Pastel - Stick by trainee, but colour Pastel - Stick to figure drawing Pastel - Stick to line drawing Pastel - Stick to line in colour Pastel - Stick with original lamp shade Pastel - Subdued color Pastel - Subdued hue Pastel - Subdued shade Pastel - Summery shade Pastel - That's how father lets up, just a shade Pastel - The sort of colour that's beyond the spanish Pastel - The way father lets up - just a shade Pastel - Type of crayon Pastel - Washed-out shade