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European - Of our continent

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European - Frenchman or swede, e.g European - Pole, e.g European - Pole, for one European - West-of-the-urals denizen European - Spaniard or serb European - Continental European - Certain hotel plan European - Portuguese, e.g European - From the continent European - French or german, e.g European - Relating to the continent European - 'belgian, spaniard or greek, say (8)' European - Citizen of the union European - Of a certain continent European - The e of the eu European - Dubliner, londoner, berliner, for instance European - From italy, spain, france et al European - The continental is a pure one European - A continental European - Nowadays an irishman is such a pure one (8) European - Is one such as we a pure one? European - Might be coming from france, for one European - Are one-up playing a 15-across, for example European - Converts are up one like us European - Inhabitant of the second smallest continent European - From this continent European - German, for example European - Like some turks and georgians European - Danish, e.g European - Berliner gets france, holland and belgium, among others, to obtain article European - French perhaps sing solver's one anthem European - Note old vegetable in vessel. swede, perhaps? European - Starts to edit urgent article on a painter, possibly from italy European - Continental regret over article brought into public domain? European - Pole, perhaps, scotsman stuffed with cord European - Eu native European - Community member featured by james European - Foreigner able to exchange a rupee? no European - Continental inhabitant European - Irishman carrying onions from france maybe European - Of our continent European - Belgian, spaniard or greek, say European - One of those in paris has a new african neighbour to begin with European - A member of the community European - Of particular continent European - Are one up, possibly, like half the players in ryder cup European - Pole, say, that's seen shortly in back of canoe? European - Half of eu European - Continental painter housed by a scotsman, perhaps European - Back continental way: tolerant, embracing a unionist European - Local living space for a new african neighbour European - Pole, for example European - Spaniard or swede