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Lordmayor - Showman left irish county in order to eradicate english

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Lordmayor - Assortment of old army privates etc head for city Lordmayor - British prime minister is after a job in foreign upper house? alternatively, a job running the council! Lordmayor - City's municipal officer left day room refurbished by the end of october Lordmayor - Civic dignitary involved old army soldiers Lordmayor - Civic dignitary spreads goodness right across county Lordmayor - Crikey! my road to be demolished - official! Lordmayor - Dignitary has to praise horse in speech Lordmayor - Dignitary re-organised old army ranks Lordmayor - Elected official might, amongst gracious men Lordmayor - First citizen Lordmayor - First citizen of a city Lordmayor - Gets first house presumably for person in daniel o'connell's position while he was in dublin? Lordmayor - God possibly start this or be over the city? Lordmayor - Goodness! county councillor finally elected as this? Lordmayor - Head of london Lordmayor - How the peer might get for the present, or be important in the city Lordmayor - In speech, commend senior citizen -- of london, say? Lordmayor - Liberal or democrat is allowed to run after old city position Lordmayor - Local dignitary Lordmayor - Municipal official Lordmayor - Not one of 10 across has a housew that's a mansion like his Lordmayor - Official showing strange lady right room Lordmayor - Peer over this for a month, or it's what 9 across have Lordmayor - Public official makes mary drool Lordmayor - Rising leaders of municipal departments rather oddly entertained by regal magistrate Lordmayor - See soldiers crossing road when there's many a blooming local dignitary Lordmayor - Showman left irish county in order to eradicate english Lordmayor - Title of first citizen of a city Lordmayor - Urban controller gets gutless offender, tagging boy one month Lordmayor - Worthy men, two roman figures, kept by retired prince, say