Planet - Significant body with direction influenced by sun?

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Planet - Revolver? Planet - It has solar heating Planet - Krypton, for one Planet - Mercury, for one Planet - Probe's target Planet - Space occupier Planet - Solar system spheroid Planet - Revolutionary figure? Planet - Starship stop Planet - Krypton or vulcan Planet - Evening star, e.g Planet - Earth, for one Planet - "___, won't you?" (query from old commercials for the jetsons) Planet - Sun circler Planet - Pluto, until recently Planet - Lonely ___ Planet - Venus or mars Planet - Source of energy, in astrology Planet - Venus, e.g Planet - Astronomer's sighting Planet - One of these can be found reading counterclockwise somewhere in each concentric ring Planet - Rock around a star Planet - Kent's paper Planet - Krypton or ork Planet - Mars or venus Planet - It goes around annually Planet - Mars or jupiter Planet - Mercury, e.g Planet - Solar-system component Planet - Clark kent's newspaper Planet - Lois lane's employer Planet - Pluto, once Planet - Mars, e.g Planet - Kent's newspaper Planet - Heavenly body Planet - Could one get to the body by air before tea? Planet - One mars this Planet - Will it start to fly around the sun? Planet - Such a red aircraft would begin to take one to mars Planet - There's a little way inside for its orbit Planet - Earth grows around to east Planet - In space this will fly before tea Planet - Mars one of them in flight before tea Planet - Mars the aircraft before tea Planet - Celestial body Planet - Orbiting body in the heavens Planet - Orbiting celestial body Planet - Orbiting heavenly body Planet - Celestial body orbiting around a star Planet - Celestial body orbiting a star Planet - Heavenly body moving round the sun Planet - Celestial body orbiting round a star Planet - Krypton, in science fiction Planet - Celestial body that revolves around the sun Planet - Earth, for instance Planet - Substantial heavenly body Planet - Perhaps aircraft mars this tea a little Planet - Mars this in the air to start with Planet - Mercury or saturn Planet - See 31-across Planet - Earth's one smooth time Planet - Chart alien from whence he came? Planet - Mars, for example, part of thematic composition Planet - Earth, say, provides energy to feed bush, perhaps Planet - Heavenly (or earthly!) body Planet - World Planet - Large body orbiting sun Planet - Is pluto one? Planet - Large satellite of star Planet - Earth, for example Planet - Earth has little time on the surface Planet - Quest of the astronomer percival lowell Planet - Uranus, e.g Planet - Supposedly influential body putting energy into factory Planet - Blueprint for foreign type sustained by the sun Planet - Mars or saturn, e.g Planet - Pluto, for a time Planet - Pluto, formerly Planet - Orrery orb Planet - ___ hollywood Planet - Heavenly orb Planet - Solar-heated orbiter Planet - Energy input to something growing in the earth? Planet - Body orbiting a sun Planet - Venus, for example Planet - Jupiter, but not zeus Planet - One orbiting star Planet - Eg, mars, venus Planet - Chart space traveller finds programme by holst Planet - A cony-catching rascal with a bulbous red nose Planet - Smooth top of table, one of seven in suite Planet - Eg, a ruby Planet - Eg, mars Planet - Earth, say, found covering middle of field Planet - What, ultimately, is added to tree to make it grow? earth, perhaps Planet - Eg, mars or pluto Planet - What might be venus flytrap, say, smothering mare's tail? Planet - Ginsberg published its news Planet - Sun's orbiter Planet - Orbiting body Planet - Significant body with direction influenced by sun? Planet - Boulle's had monkeys Planet - Map with extra-terrestrial body in orbit Planet - Design an alien world Planet - Agent orange finally contained in mars Planet - Solar satellite Planet - Solar orbiter Planet - Way in exercise to produce a heavenly body! Planet - Drill around channel for earth, say Planet - Mercury, say, showing temperature on aircraft Planet - Heavenly body dishing up polenta, nothing less Planet - Even temperature for earth? Planet - Jet set finally gets to mars Planet - Even temperature on earth? Planet - Satellite of a sun Planet - Body going round thoroughfare in part Planet - Jupiter is one Planet - Mercury, say, showing level temperature Planet - Earth perhaps flat? theory, initially Planet - Heavenly body clear to be seen after lap dancing Planet - Work out with energy, taking time to produce a heavenly body Planet - Develop extremely elegant heavenly body Planet - Earth perhaps beginning to tremble under tree Planet - Ork, for one Planet - Krypton, e.g Planet - Neptune, for example Planet - Celestial body revolving round the sun Planet - Star circler Planet - Alien in film follows map -- to find this? Planet - Aircraft on time for jupiter, perhaps Planet - Saturn or mars, eg Planet - Large celestial body Planet - Vulcan, e.g Planet - Brontitall or magrathea, in 'the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' Planet - Part of seven-piece suite's in flat on time Planet - Mercury or mars Planet - Earth, say Planet - Place a trap in the earth? Planet - Mercury, perhaps - first of elements used in factory Planet - Engineer works outside with mercury Planet - 15-across, once Planet - Vulcan, for one Planet - Pantera cover "___ caravan" Planet - Mars or mercury Planet - Craft needs a little time to become orbiter Planet - Alien after map to find earth, perhaps? Planet - Earth perhaps flat - first of theories Planet - Way to load part-emptied revolver? Planet - Krypton or vulcan, in sci-fi Planet - Pluto, before a 2006 downgrade Planet - Many a "star trek" stopover Planet - Saturn, for one Planet - Mercury, for instance, showing temperature with level Planet - Earth, say, where flower perhaps stores energy
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Significant body with direction influenced by sun? (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - significant body with direction influenced by sun?. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter L. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter N. 5 - st. letter E. 6 - st. letter T.

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