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Priestess - Probes succeeded, set up for female cleric

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Priestess - She ties it in a knot in the press - or in religion Priestess - Might a mother be like a father? Priestess - In the church and in the press,one ties her in a knot Priestess - She ties in a knot in the press for the temple Priestess - The knotted ties in the newspapers makes one unwelcome in church Priestess - She might minister to one, but not universally Priestess - One that's acceptable in one church but not in another Priestess - For worship she ties a knot in the papers Priestess - Ties her in a knot in the papers for worship Priestess - She's in charge of service Priestess - She would like to be of service to the masses Priestess - Rev her up Priestess - Levers the sets for her to get 27 across Priestess - Neither a father - nor a mother, presumably Priestess - Woman in service spoils ties in the press Priestess - Is nosy girl one to make sacrifices? Priestess - 18 minister of religion Priestess - Woman conducting religious rites Priestess - Female hierophant Priestess - Vestal virgin perhaps impertinently examines girl Priestess - Officiant's urge to tour devastated site Priestess - Step rises awkwardly to reach one serving athena, perhaps Priestess - Eg, vestal virgin Priestess - Officiator's extremely irksome way to divide media Priestess - Female religious officiant Priestess - Female leading rituals Priestess - Hero, possibly, intrudes upon eponymous heroine Priestess - Religious woman sets out to follow noses Priestess - One in temple possibly reformed stepsister wasting time Priestess - Religious woman is curious heroine of book Priestess - Probes succeeded, set up for female cleric Priestess - Holy woman snoops about, female coming to tragic end?