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Deign - Duke removing queen, to hold power lower himself?

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Deign - Be pleased as soldier to lie up in secret retreat Deign - Condescend Deign - Condescend (to) Deign - Condescend to be proclaimed as a native of europe Deign - Condescend to draw missing son Deign - Condescend to exclude son from plan Deign - Condescend to listen to european Deign - Condescend to make mention of scandinavian Deign - Condescend to plan lacking direction Deign - Condescend to remove son from goal Deign - Condescend to see upset soldier in study Deign - Condescend to sound like a foreigner Deign - Condescend, stoop Deign - Condesend to sound as if one hails from denmark Deign - Consent given by e.g. hamlet audibly Deign - Consider appropriate Deign - Consider fit Deign - Do something considered to be below one's dignity Deign - Do something that's below one's dignity Deign - Duke removing queen, to hold power lower himself? Deign - Engage in condescension Deign - European’s pronounced stoop Deign - Haughtily consent to listen to kierkegaard, say Deign - Lower oneself Deign - Maybe hamlet's pronounced stoop Deign - Might one condescend to sound like hamlet? Deign - One beginning to grouse entering lair, having to stoop Deign - Plan to eliminate singular stoop Deign - Putting energy into work in garden, end in pain having to stoop Deign - See fit Deign - See fit european being given a hearing Deign - See fit european in audience Deign - See fit to deride ignorance to some extent Deign - See fit to listen to hamlet, for example? Deign - See fit to plan sunday outing Deign - Seem supercilious when quoting hamlet perhaps Deign - Stoop Deign - Stoop (to) Deign - Stoop during parade, ignominiously Deign - Stoop in norse figure that's pronounced Deign - Stoop to pointless scheme Deign - Think fit Deign - Think fit to speak european Deign - Think it appropriate to one's dignity Deign - Vouchsafe