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Avert - Parry departs leaving bill

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  • Avert - Letter on A
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  • 2 - st. word V
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  • 5 - st. word T

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Avert - Ward off Avert - Keep from happening Avert - Parry Avert - Turn aside Avert - Detour Avert - Forestall Avert - Head off Avert - Turn away Avert - Thwart Avert - Manage to avoid Avert - Obviate Avert - Stave off Avert - Forfend Avert - Deflect Avert - Dodge Avert - Circumvent Avert - Prevent Avert - Dodge successfully Avert - Prevent a disaster Avert - Avoid Avert - Shield from Avert - Nip in the bud Avert - Not let happen Avert - Foil Avert - Turn away, as a crisis Avert - To turn away Avert - Turn away, as one's eyes Avert - Turn away or aside Avert - Sidestep Avert - Fend off Avert - Stop from happening Avert - Prevent, as disaster Avert - Redirect, as one's eyes Avert - Turn away from Avert - Direct elsewhere Avert - Prevent, as a disaster Avert - Turn aside, as a gaze Avert - Prevent from happening Avert - Prevent, as danger Avert - Turn away as with gaze Avert - Turn away from, as with eyes Avert - Turn away or aside Avert - Turn aside or ward off Avert - Turn aside as with gaze Avert - Ward off, deflect Avert - Turn aside, perhaps gaze Avert - Turn away from, say gaze Avert - Hail to keep a little right off Avert - Duck Avert - Head off, as disaster Avert - Stave off, as a disaster Avert - A green means don't allow to proceed Avert - 'esitate with time to turn aside Avert - Turn aside right after the avenue Avert - Turn away from right way when other way round Avert - Turn aside from way that's right Avert - A green meaning 'stop'? Avert - Stop, say, before junction Avert - Prevent from occurring Avert - Skirt Avert - Obviate, or declare, time Avert - Prevent avenue linking up with river on square Avert - Dodge, in a way Avert - Ward off state terrorism, initially Avert - Declare time has come to turn aside Avert - Prevent, say, this from beginning Avert - Some intraverted characters to avoid Avert - Prevent a check pinning rook Avert - Turn away (ones eyes) Avert - Prevent state getting tax when a vote's denied Avert - Prevent detail initially being excluded from publicity Avert - Ward off, prevent Avert - Head off claim before completion of contract Avert - Ward off (bad event) Avert - Stop being mean, taking short time instead of long one Avert - Turn away, prevent Avert - Declare it, having cut one's head off Avert - Head off, getting a green Avert - Head off to make claim ahead of time Avert - Again and again Avert - Parry departs leaving bill Avert - With prominent incisors Avert - Prevent, ward off Avert - Turn away from a green Avert - Ward off a green Avert - Stop a retired cleric going to thailand Avert - Turn aside, prevent Avert - Prevent middle eastern state first Avert - Stop a minister returning on time Avert - Ward off disaster at last during a check Avert - Stop right after wide road Avert - Prevent state involvement, ultimately Avert - Stop terrorist head backing state Avert - Middle eastern state's first stop Avert - Prevent a medical professional holding start of round Avert - Deflect away Avert - Turn away in state car Avert - Stop from happening at a french green Avert - Turn away a green in strasbourg Avert - Stop state terrorism's onset Avert - Turn away from state capital of texas Avert - Turn aside, as one's eyes Avert - Turn away from lifesaver, tearfully Avert - Prevent, say, those with no socks Avert - Turn away from prayer by heart in chartres Avert - Stop Avert - Fend off a check pinning rook Avert - Prevent the occurrence of Avert - Turn aside right after avenue Avert - Turn aside to maintain temperature Avert - Turn away, as eyes Avert - Steer clear of