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Orient - Align (to the compass)

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Orient - Break in, so to speak Orient - Turn in the right direction Orient - Get fixed Orient - The east Orient - Familiarize Orient - Prepare, as incoming students Orient - 'mysterious' locale Orient - Early source of spices, with 'the' Orient - Turn right side up Orient - Set straight Orient - Show the ropes to Orient - Familiarize with new surroundings Orient - Set right Orient - East Orient - Familiarize with new material Orient - Provide bearings Orient - "murder on the ___ express" Orient - Far east (with "the") Orient - Determine one's position Orient - Far east Orient - It's no occident Orient - Find one's bearings Orient - Show the ropes Orient - Magi's home Orient - Situate Orient - Set straight, in a way Orient - ___ lines (big name in cruises) Orient - Mysterious locale, once, with 'the' Orient - Get situated Orient - Cathay and environs, with 'the' Orient - Get your bearings Orient - Marco polo's destination Orient - Use a compass Orient - Accustom Orient - Get one's bearings Orient - Source of spices for old traders Orient - Help get settled Orient - Point in the right direction Orient - Where amahs serve Orient - Align, in a way Orient - Prepare, as new students Orient - Source of 'we three kings' Orient - Familiarize (oneself) Orient - Get adjusted Orient - Turn right-side-up Orient - Direct Orient - Familiarize, in a way Orient - Turn toward the east Orient - With 65 across, mystery train Orient - Turn towards Orient - China and environs, once, with 'the' Orient - Agatha christie title word Orient - Make comfortable, perhaps Orient - Get (oneself) situated Orient - Turn right? Orient - 'murder on the ___ express,' 58-/46-across movie (1974) Orient - Familiarize with a new setting Orient - Align Orient - Give bearings to Orient - Polo's destination Orient - Help new freshmen Orient - Fix one's bearings Orient - Become acclimated Orient - Turn the right way Orient - That ore with tin in it comes from the east Orient - Although torn in bits around, that is to say, this does not go west Orient - How e makes the alternative with one and ten Orient - Easter begins with it Orient - Countries east of the mediterranean Orient - The east as opposed to the occident Orient - Famous express Orient - Get one's bearings - to the east? Orient - Face towards the east? Orient - The east - not the occident Orient - The east, as opposed to the occident Orient - The east - got bearings Orient - Determine position with regard to points of compass Orient - Don't go west or you'll get one and ten Orient - 23-down is an inert mixture under oxygen Orient - Moving it east-nor'-east Orient - Line up books containing nothing in french Orient - Murderous experience, love, on which parisian's nothing t' say Orient - Determine position of eastern countries Orient - Send in the right direction Orient - Torn down around irish address found in the east Orient - Polo ground? Orient - Eastern books contain nothing foreign Orient - "murder on the __ express" Orient - Christie's express Orient - Face in a particular direction Orient - Magi's origin Orient - Word from the latin for "sunrise" Orient - Point properly Orient - Characters torn outside irish address in the east Orient - It's nothing in france, having books about the east Orient - Establish one's position in the east Orient - East; align Orient - East of rhine's not, oddly, seen Orient - Align; pearl Orient - Align relative to compass points Orient - Align; east Orient - (the) east; align Orient - Pearl; align Orient - Align (relative to a specific direction) Orient - Whence gold that is associated with scripture? Orient - Align to compass points Orient - Align (to the compass) Orient - Align; eastern Orient - Point in the proper direction Orient - Determine (one's position) with reference to another point Orient - Align by the compass Orient - Tin-ore working in the east Orient - Determine the position of eastern countries Orient - Eastern express, for example? Orient - Get acquainted with position -- the map's right Orient - Inside door i enter, set in particular direction Orient - China perhaps and gold that is linked to part of scripture Orient - Put on course Orient - Acquaint with position Orient - Gold book that is getting bound in the east Orient - Give direction to tenor making detour round island Orient - Wise men's origin that is recorded in gold book Orient - The ___ express Orient - Leyton -- fc Orient - Point the right way Orient - Provide bearings to Orient - Get aligned Orient - Make comfortable, in a way Orient - The mystic east? Orient - 'we three kings of -- are' Orient - Familiarize with a new situation Orient - Roman emperor retires around island near troy in the east Orient - 'murder on the __ express' Orient - Familiarize, as with new surroundings Orient - Set in the right direction Orient - Help out new freshmen Orient - Countries of the east Orient - Direct (toward) Orient - Position Orient - Whence kings appeared, out of door i entered