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Anisette - Prepared tisane and lapsang souchong, maybe, avoiding a drink that's alcoholic

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Anisette - Sweet liqueur Anisette - After-dinner drink Anisette - Cordial Anisette - Shanghai cocktail ingredient Anisette - London fog ingredient Anisette - Ouzo's alternative Anisette - Liqueur Anisette - Type of liqueur Anisette - Licorice-flavored liqueur Anisette - Licorice-flavored cordial Anisette - Clear liqueur Anisette - Licorice-like cordial Anisette - After-dinner cordial Anisette - Licorice liqueur Anisette - Licorice-flavored drink Anisette - Sort of cordial Anisette - Cordial offering? Anisette - Pastis's cousin Anisette - Ouzo relative Anisette - Colorless liqueur Anisette - Sounds as if the girl seed to it that there was drink like this Anisette - See, that liqueur has got a taint Anisette - Sounds as if anne might place this in a little glass Anisette - Ate around the ulster lot with a liqueur Anisette - Sambuca-like cordial Anisette - Liqueur served with coffee beans Anisette - Liqueur sweetened with syrup Anisette - I sent tea around, being cordial Anisette - Drink tisane brewed by lawrence Anisette - Liquorice-flavoured liqueur Anisette - Raki cousin Anisette - One of 24 with one group coming in before Anisette - Sambuca cousin Anisette - Bouillabaisse flavorer Anisette - Perhaps it's eaten as an aperitif Anisette - Having run out of retsina, brought up to swallow alien liqueur Anisette - This drink is stocked in a bag, note Anisette - Tisane replaced by tea, not a liqueur Anisette - Liqueur i put in a pot? Anisette - Herb-flavoured liqueur Anisette - Cordial group joining in a night that's unconventional Anisette - It's drunk and it's eaten in mess Anisette - One group placing bet about drink Anisette - Could be a compiler in belfast's one short drink Anisette - Liqueur with flavour of liquorice Anisette - Type of highly-flavoured liqueur Anisette - Drink girl's swallowed noisily Anisette - Flavoured liqueur Anisette - I understand teetotaller needs to be held after an alcoholic drink Anisette - A compiler from bangor stopped early for a drink Anisette - Prepared tisane and lapsang souchong, maybe, avoiding a drink that's alcoholic Anisette - What might be drunk in estaminet, frenchman conceded Anisette - One group came in previously to get liqueur Anisette - 'before,' i put in, 'you have a drink' Anisette - Liqueur having some grisettes in a spin Anisette - As before, i lay in drink Anisette - Drink brewed in tea set Anisette - Before i lay into the drink Anisette - Liqueur mixed in tea-set! Anisette - Liqueur i arrange to be included in stake Anisette - I lay bet about it being an intoxicant Anisette - In a nutshell what do i do given early start? drink! Anisette - Before i may join group inside for a drink Anisette - Strange taste in european liqueur Anisette - It's eaten? not normally -- it's drunk Anisette - Nothing short of a nutty sweet 16 Anisette - Liqueur made in top eastern state Anisette - Flavorer for an espresso shot Anisette - Pastis relative Anisette - Cordial with a licorice-like flavor Anisette - Licorice-tasting liqueur Anisette - Ingredient in a baltimore bracer Anisette - Liqueur; tetanise (anag.) Anisette - Cordial brewed in estate Anisette - Strong-flavoured liqueur Anisette - Liqueur similar to sambuca Anisette - Liqueur in some biscotti recipes Anisette - Liqueur with espresso