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Bishop - Man is after beer, initially - then a dance

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Bishop - Miter wearer Bishop - An ecclesiastic Bishop - Air ace billy Bishop - Man staying on one color Bishop - It moves diagonally Bishop - Chess piece Bishop - Diagonal-moving chesspiece Bishop - See overseer Bishop - Diagonal mover Bishop - Queen's neighbor? Bishop - King's neighbor Bishop - Man whose actions are biased? Bishop - Diocese leader Bishop - World war 1 air ace billy Bishop - King protector Bishop - Knight's right-hand man, sometimes Bishop - Knight's neighbor, at the start Bishop - Priest's superior Bishop - One goes diagonally on board Bishop - There may be something in store at last for this lord Bishop - He goes obliquely on board Bishop - See for one on board Bishop - He wields the crosier Bishop - Senior member of the christian clergy Bishop - Chess piece and senior religious person Bishop - Chess piece and one of the clergy Bishop - Chess piece and senior member of the clergy Bishop - Chess piece and member of the clergy Bishop - Senior church minister Bishop - Senior member of christian clergy Bishop - He wears the mitre and carries the crozier Bishop - He wields the crozier Bishop - One often found by a king or queen Bishop - Certain chess piece Bishop - A piece below the arch! Bishop - It's a mistake to work this piece Bishop - See man on board Bishop - Mulled wine i served in bookstore Bishop - Man on board, such as one honoured as peacemaker in 1984 Bishop - Encore for dance piece Bishop - Clergyman twice seen at dance Bishop - Specially prepared wine i found in british store Bishop - Loving, without discrimination, store supplying mulled wine Bishop - Man making mistake at work Bishop - Chesspiece which moves diagonally Bishop - Man of the church (or chess?) Bishop - Chesspiece Bishop - High-ranking clergyman Bishop - Church dignitary Bishop - Church leader Bishop - Senior member of the clergy Bishop - Someone of fluid sexuality's bound to become a clergyman Bishop - Has restricted movement on board over father Bishop - Bound once more to precede senior clergywoman (some day?) Bishop - Senior cleric Bishop - Piece in a fianchetto opening Bishop - Tapered-top piece Bishop - Diocese head Bishop - One of the chessmen Bishop - Diagonal board mover Bishop - Churchman whose moves cut across the rank and file Bishop - Mulled wine figuring in apology by browning Bishop - Chess piece; mulled wine Bishop - Man on board given work by mistake Bishop - Man (bachelor) i blow the whistle on Bishop - When work's subject to error, see supervisor Bishop - Senior clergyman Bishop - I leave scale for platonist Bishop - Man on board is bound to follow bosun's lead Bishop - See supervisor in strike holding his ground Bishop - Mistake old partner at first for man on board Bishop - Powerful cleric is bound to go by the book Bishop - Churchman that, moving, must abandon his rank Bishop - Piece - brahms' first - is hard work to follow Bishop - One's bound to follow bible's lead? Bishop - Man is after beer, initially - then a dance Bishop - See man at the top making mistake at work Bishop - Where the sexually ambiguous may get their gear, or one piece Bishop - Leaders bought into retail opportunity with board member Bishop - Piece in mistake of players' openings Bishop - Man on the board calling for a hot drink Bishop - Senior churchman Bishop - Board member, church dignitary Bishop - Diocesan Bishop - Clergyman Bishop - See boss start before i make purchases Bishop - Business leader i betray, one of four beginning on board Bishop - A clergyman's quiet work under british institute Bishop - Board member leaders bought into retail opportunity Bishop - Piece of the cloth? Bishop - Twice jump a little way for a man on board Bishop - See leader dance, having drunk his rum Bishop - Man on board's blunder before work Bishop - Diagonal-moving piece Bishop - Board member bought into leads for retail opportunity Bishop - Man on board british ship at sea hiding nothing Bishop - Board member from balearic islands opens retail opportunity Bishop - Description of superstore dismissing good person in clerical job Bishop - Man's encore: to go on one leg