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Acts - Laws passed when outside court

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Acts - Performs parts in play Acts - Agreement to omit introduction at start of second book Acts - Book performances Acts - New cast play parts Acts - Book of the new testament Acts - Cast (anag) - performs Acts - New testament book immediately following the gospels Acts - Each of shakespeare's plays has five Acts - One after john doesn't sit around Acts - Variety performances Acts - Book cast out Acts - See 6-across Acts - Stops procrastinating Acts - Has an onstage role Acts - "aida" segments Acts - Book of apostolic deeds Acts - Bible book following the gospels Acts - Congressional productions Acts - Performs a part Acts - 'coriolanus' quintet Acts - 'macbeth' quintet Acts - Creates some drama? Acts - No play is without them Acts - After john tells stories in new book, plays at the gate for one Acts - Does summer stock Acts - Parts of musicals Acts - Source of the line 'thy money perish with thee' Acts - The five of every shakespeare play Acts - Performs a role Acts - Stage presentations Acts - Plays a part onstage Acts - Play units Acts - Drama divisions Acts - Performs in a film Acts - Parts of 67-across Acts - Recites lines Acts - Dramatic divisions Acts - "hamlet" fivesome Acts - Drama units Acts - They get booked to perform after john tells stories in old books Acts - Plays a part in cats straying Acts - Quintet in "hamlet" Acts - Fakes being Acts - Comedy-club performances Acts - Book exerts influence Acts - Fifth nt book Acts - Legal documents placed before romans? 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Acts - Book entertainers Acts - Nt book; laws Acts - Religious book or play Acts - Does something about the cold, having sat shivering Acts - No head for details in book Acts - Luke's laws Acts - Deeds of the apostles Acts - Performs with unsuitable cast Acts - Performs with wild cats Acts - Does parliament pass them? Acts - Book with information, first to come out Acts - Appears in 'the outcast' Acts - 5th nt book Acts - Book of deeds Acts - Book registering parliamentary output Acts - Feigns when in court? quite the reverse Acts - Religious book fathoms out the truth Acts - Book agreements not needing introductory page Acts - Orders book Acts - Behaves as john's follower, in the bible Acts - Exploits when holding court Acts - Religious book and play Acts - Does are initially caught with dug-out traps Acts - Does narcotism strike only odd characters? Acts - -- of the apostles, the fifth book of the new testament Acts - Turns Acts - Does one's part Acts - Performs religious work Acts - Biblical source of the line 'it is more blessed to give than to receive' Acts - Takes action when outside court Acts - Plays in a court having small support Acts - 97-down pair, frequently Acts - No head for details and laws Acts - Pulls the trigger, so to speak Acts - Plays a part on stage Acts - Performs in 23-down Acts - Performs on broadway Acts - Puts on a show while holding court Acts - Gets theatrical Acts - Play periods Acts - Musical parts Acts - Takes on roles Acts - They're usually divided into scenes Acts - Pieces of legislation Acts - Serves Acts - Doesn't just think Acts - Agreements to exclude piano performances Acts - 'macbeth' parts Acts - "hamlet" five Acts - It precedes romans Acts - Anagram of 22-across Acts - Does one's part? Acts - What bills become after they're passed Acts - "macbeth" has five Acts - Works with a part? Acts - Play times? Acts - Gets off the fence Acts - Performs a 27-down Acts - Does something about it Acts - Impresario offerings Acts - "tosca" trio Acts - Religious book for kids Acts - Doesn't just sit Acts - Play group? Acts - Is directed? Acts - Some are unspeakable Acts - House products Acts - Class __ Acts - Publicist cautiously holds back book Acts - Stage segments Acts - Doesn't just talk Acts - Bible book before romans Acts - Groups on the bill Acts - Takes steps to discover what's in abstract syntax Acts - What meat loaf does in "fight club" Acts - What rocker does in video Acts - These fill the slots on bill Acts - Fills festival slots Acts - Classical piece parts Acts - Parts in musical Acts - Parts of a musical Acts - Broadway divisions Acts - Segments of musicals Acts - Subdivisions of plays Acts - Revue performances Acts - Source of the saying 'it is more blessed to give than to receive' Acts - Has an affect on limitless data Acts - Is a thespian Acts - Play portions Acts - Is paid to be someone else? Acts - Opera divisions Acts - Feigns current case of tinnitus Acts - Operates to get a slice of cataract surgery Acts - Most musicals have two Acts - They're passed in the house by the bank's accountants Acts - John's successor does the deed Acts - Performs parts of hamlet and othello, say Acts - Performance sections during show Acts - Emulates nicholson Acts - Book about cats? Acts - Book of information unopened Acts - Doesn't just sit by Acts - Play components Acts - Functions in cairo - not in costa rica? Acts - Assumes a role Acts - Opening __ Acts - Accomplishments Acts - __ up (misbehaves) Acts - Circus performances Acts - Parts of plays Acts - Talent show segments Acts - Performs in a movie Acts - 'hedda gabler' has four Acts - Ballet divisions Acts - Stops sitting on one's hands Acts - Shows initiative Acts - Makes one's move Acts - "the ed sullivan show" lineup Acts - Functions in cairo - not in costa rica Acts - Quits hedging Acts - Lion taming and tightrope walking, for two Acts - 'hair' parts Acts - "hair" parts Acts - Reaches a decision Acts - What play time is divided into Acts - What play time is divided into Acts - Segments of a play Acts - Segments of a play Acts - Takes the stage Acts - The fifth book of the new testament