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Stand - Good man with stick

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Stand - Determined policy Stand - Position Stand - Policy position Stand - Last-ditch effort Stand - Bear Stand - Easel Stand - Valiant fight Stand - Rise from a chair Stand - Honor the flag Stand - Not sit Stand - Flea market unit Stand - Farmers' market unit Stand - Stomach Stand - Request when the national anthem is played Stand - Final defensive effort Stand - Vendor's spot Stand - Don't draw Stand - Place on end Stand - Defensive effort Stand - Witness-box Stand - Cope with Stand - Lemonade locale Stand - Defensive play Stand - Tolerate Stand - Testifying spot Stand - Place for a witness Stand - Rise Stand - What a witness may take Stand - Word with hotdog or night Stand - Blackjack option Stand - Lose a lap Stand - Witness' spot Stand - Put up with Stand - Get up Stand - Easel, e.g Stand - Get to one's feet Stand - Honor your honor Stand - Abide Stand - Place for a paper Stand - R.e.m. hit Stand - Kiosk Stand - Witness' place Stand - Witness's place Stand - Farmer's market unit Stand - Easel, essentially Stand - Something to take in court Stand - Place to buy fruit Stand - Strong position Stand - Manage to tolerate Stand - Place of business Stand - Deliver partner Stand - Testimony spot Stand - Get off the couch Stand - Prepare to recite the pledge of allegiance Stand - See 7-down Stand - '___ in the place where you live' (r.e.m. lyric) Stand - Roadside shop Stand - Stop asking for cards Stand - Witness's spot Stand - Easel or tripod Stand - Prepare to sing the national anthem Stand - Get to one's feet Stand - Flea market unit Stand - Flea-market unit Stand - Be upright Stand - Leave one's seat Stand - Opinion Stand - Sheet-music holder Stand - Get on one's feet Stand - Lose one's lap Stand - Leave one's chair Stand - Assume an upright position Stand - You don't have to be on your feet there Stand - Canonised, also not in the chair Stand - Could one bear not be lying here? Stand - Something that's taken in court Stand - "custer's last ___" Stand - Bear, but not to start 1 down Stand - Steadfast policy Stand - Easel, for instance Stand - Get off the chair Stand - Place to testify Stand - Position an easel Stand - ____ and, if you win, you may sit Stand - Remain in the witness box Stand - Acknowledge mistake while on one's feet Stand - Tolerate - resistance Stand - Be on one's feet Stand - Decline to interfere when one should? Stand - Watch and do nothing to help Stand - Concessionaire's place Stand - Get ready to sing the national anthem Stand - Prepare to honor the flag Stand - Cede one's seat Stand - "on your feet!" Stand - Carnival unit Stand - Lectern Stand - Get off one's chair Stand - Give up a seat Stand - Produce seller's kiosk Stand - Lectern, e.g Stand - Become upright Stand - With 89-down, 1968 tammy wynette hit? Stand - What a witness takes at a trial Stand - Orchestra musician's prop Stand - Introductions to st thomas aquinas not detrimental to one's point of view Stand - Stomach support Stand - Support case of scotland protecting beat Stand - Remain unaltered, tolerate Stand - Bear in group of trees Stand - Remain upright Stand - It may be a shared one on the pitch Stand - Laurel died in group of trees Stand - Remain stationary Stand - In south dakota you'll find brown bear Stand - Be upright; base Stand - Good man with stick Stand - Be upright; attitude Stand - Seek election; attitude Stand - Set up partnership Stand - Courtroom fixture Stand - What to do on your own two feet Stand - King novel (with "the") Stand - Witness __ Stand - Rise and buy someone a drink Stand - Pedestal Stand - Sit here? yes and no Stand - Rise; bear Stand - And at half past, get up Stand - Support the resistance Stand - Good person also gets to suffer Stand - Be erect Stand - Don't lie in the witness box Stand - Set up stall Stand - Where spectators sit and suffer Stand - Where one may sit or get to one's feet Stand - Get up and suffer Stand - Brown, following small defeat, initially has to suffer Stand - Cope with position Stand - An mp must do so before he can sit Stand - Stall Stand - Be a candidate Stand - Get up, taking position in argument Stand - Where a witness sits Stand - Small-business setting Stand - Where witnesses sit Stand - Night table Stand - No longer sit Stand - Rise to one's feet Stand - Easel, for example Stand - Vendor's structure Stand - Stevie nicks "___ back" Stand - What you do when show starts to rock Stand - See 39-across Stand - Lemonade establishment Stand - Get off a chair Stand - Musician's prop Stand - Arise from one's seat Stand - Lemonade vendor's spot Stand - Remain unchanged Stand - Primitive timer Stand - Place for lemonade or hot dogs Stand - Christmas tree holder Stand - Sit here at a sports event Stand - Bear stall Stand - Place to sell hot dogs Stand - Support in the arena Stand - Stone added to display rack Stand - Greet the judge Stand - Rise from one's seat Stand - It's taken in court Stand - Testifier's spot Stand - Show of resistance Stand - Place to buy lemonade Stand - Endroit aménagé pour le tir de précision Stand - R.e.m. will do it "in the place where you live" Stand - Word after taxi or witness Stand - Word after taxi or witness