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Pedantic - Film about poet back-to-front, to be fussy

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Pedantic - Doctrinaire Pedantic - Pretentious in one's teaching Pedantic - Like a know-it-all show-off Pedantic - Stodgily erudite Pedantic - Showing off one's learning Pedantic - It's so doctrinaire to finish with a caper like this Pedantic - Academic or didactic Pedantic - Insisting on sticking stricktly to the rules Pedantic - By the way of 29 across with a class of a caper at last Pedantic - Academic takes exercise with daughter, the old buffoon! Pedantic - Nit-picking editor opposed to cutting inoffensive use of language Pedantic - Fussy about correctness Pedantic - Fussy over detail Pedantic - Fussy about small details Pedantic - Overly concerned with insignificant detail Pedantic - Over-concerned with correctness Pedantic - Nit-picking Pedantic - Fussily precise Pedantic - Excessively concerned with minor detail Pedantic - Nit-picking journalist comes in to criticise mark endlessly Pedantic - Concerned with minor detail Pedantic - Fussy italian poet's end brought forward in film Pedantic - Abstruse Pedantic - Academic Pedantic - Excessively concerned with minor details Pedantic - Film about poet back-to-front, to be fussy Pedantic - Fan painted celtic quibbling Pedantic - Excessively nit-picking Pedantic - Particular poet's last to come to the fore in film Pedantic - Nitpicking editor opposed to having computer around Pedantic - Cadet pin moulded by purist Pedantic - Most particular and politically correct about net aid being distributed Pedantic - Precise; didactic Pedantic - Overly fussy editor, under pressure, opposed to chapter Pedantic - Dance pit built by finicky sort Pedantic - Pernickety poet finally coming to the fore in film Pedantic - Like a smug know-it-all Pedantic - Political correctness drowning confused date in nit-picking Pedantic - Over-concerned with details Pedantic - Overly focused on minor rules Pedantic - Like a schoolmaster punishing inept cad Pedantic - Overly concerned with minor details Pedantic - Movingly depict an academic