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Manager - One in charge of team

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Manager - Executive Manager - Ball club vip Manager - Dugout figure Manager - Brian epstein, to the beatles Manager - Dugout v.i.p Manager - One in charge Manager - Recipient of an annual baseball award since 1983 Manager - Retail boss Manager - Executive or controller Manager - How the boss gets a in place of food for the beast Manager - His work is high enough to put years on a fellow Manager - Controller of resources Manager - Decision-maker Manager - Person in charge Manager - It's not the boss that'll put years on a man Manager - Team leader Manager - Stable without a runner Manager - Controller Manager - One running a shop, industry etc Manager - Someone in control (or who copes?) Manager - Dugout leader Manager - Ballpark figure Manager - Coach and horse engaged in paper round Manager - Fellow keen, but no leader or boss Manager - One over staff Manager - Mass indignation about a head of department Manager - Trough traps a coach Manager - Horse turning tail biting another's head Manager - One in charge of staff Manager - Male with a measure of maturity right for executive position Manager - Trough providing accommodation for a controller Manager - Fellow with passion first to last who sits on the bench? Manager - One in charge of team Manager - Trough containing a suit? Manager - Boss Manager - He runs the new mare and another horse in it Manager - Supervisor Manager - Fellow to get on with rex the boss Manager - He controls many a horse with little hesitation Manager - Ran game (anag.) Manager - Administrator Manager - Organiser Manager - A german, well-organised as an administrator Manager - Crew right to welcome mature person in charge Manager - Director Manager - Eat in paris, entertaining a middle-ranking industrialist? Manager - Boss who'll give a chap grey hairs? Manager - Principal source of food for cattle around america Manager - Being in charge, mare possibly protects nag Manager - A german guy rises to the top as executive Manager - Taken on by german, a german administrator Manager - Boss, overseer Manager - Baseball team employee Manager - Baseball boss Manager - Team skipper Manager - Team honcho Manager - Person in charge of staff Manager - A german working over the workers Manager - Staff argue regularly and run for supervisor Manager - Diamond head? Manager - Sports team runner Manager - Dugout vip Manager - Person pretty far up the corporate ladder Manager - Staff get on with right boss Manager - Sports team controller Manager - Staff confronting a minor german boss