Blue - Sad; university sportsman

Word by letter:
  • Blue - Letter on B
  • 1 - st. word B
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word U
  • 4 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Blue - Depressed Blue - See 5-down Blue - Sad Blue - Off-color Blue - Sky-colored Blue - Azure Blue - Word with moon or ribbon Blue - Union dress Blue - Like some chips Blue - Down in the dumps Blue - Smurf-colored Blue - Jeans opening? Blue - Word with print or ribbon Blue - Like a robin's egg Blue - Word with navy or baby Blue - "rhapsody in ___" Blue - American express card with a smart chip Blue - Navy color Blue - X-rated Blue - Waiting to exhale? Blue - Ocean-colored Blue - Like marge simpson's hair Blue - Despondent Blue - Color for a little boy Blue - Recent m&m color Blue - American flag color Blue - Sky color Blue - Colourful brew Blue - Jeans color Blue - Like a clear sky Blue - Spectrum shade Blue - Canine companion of 43 across Blue - Dejected Blue - ______river, british columbia Blue - Sky colour Blue - In the dumps Blue - Don's dog Blue - With 52-across, thomas gainsborough portrait, with 'the' Blue - With 4-down, longtime jazz record label Blue - "nypd ___" Blue - 'rhapsody in __' Blue - Sky shade Blue - Sad color? Blue - Like a first-place ribbon Blue - Barbie's eye color Blue - Most of iceland's flag Blue - Lapis lazuli color Blue - Peacock __ Blue - ____ river, british columbia Blue - Color of some streaks Blue - Melancholy Blue - Off-color, like comedic material Blue - Jet___ Blue - Down Blue - Spectrum color Blue - Picasso's ___ period, 1901-04 Blue - Lewd color? Blue - Union wear Blue - Traditional color for baby boys Blue - Aquamarine, for example Blue - Color of suede shoes of song Blue - Russian _____ Blue - --- oyster cult Blue - Bawdy Blue - Shades of it begin this puzzle's four longest answers Blue - Color of angels and devils? Blue - Risquã© Blue - "the house of ___ leaves" Blue - Marine shade Blue - Feeling down Blue - Bummed out Blue - Color of suede shoes, in song Blue - Sky hue Blue - Despon-dent Blue - Risque Blue - On the racy side Blue - RisquŽ Blue - Green minus yellow Blue - Azure, e.g Blue - Like smurfs Blue - Dirty, in a way Blue - ___ states (california, massachusetts, et al.) Blue - Sounds as if one got the wind up just a shade Blue - Got the wind up, by the sound of it, like 14 down Blue - For the shade it sounds as if it was blowing Blue - Sounds like what the wind did with the shade Blue - Blowed if you'll sound like that Blue - Once you get in the shade of the moon, but very seldom Blue - Colour of low spirits Blue - The colour of melancholy Blue - Sad colour Blue - It's used to whiten laundry Blue - Wind what did this, a shady thing, by the sound of it Blue - Depressed, down Blue - Sunny sky or low spirits Blue - Colour of depression Blue - Dispirited in cerulean way Blue - By the sound of it, got the wind up, just a shade Blue - The sort of blooming bell one might have been blowing for sound till all was this (4) Blue - Word with "moon" or "ribbon" Blue - Grotto color at 61-across Blue - Oceanic hue Blue - See 1-across Blue - M&m color since 1995 Blue - Word after sky or powder Blue - With 57-down, teal or aqua Blue - In a funk Blue - Color of a first-place ribbon Blue - See 15 Blue - Sad blow Blue - The colour of the downs Blue - A shade depressed Blue - Spend spend spend, tory fashion Blue - See 12 Blue - Melancholy sportsman Blue - 15 down Blue - University type to spend recklessly Blue - Chilly 15? Blue - Athletic distinction could be 18 Blue - Rainy day mood, as the sky isn't? Blue - Dirty colour Blue - Unhappy choice of colour Blue - Down and dirty Blue - Mule out of control in the present unusual time Blue - Colourful source of surprise Blue - See 8 Blue - Buy me an old-fashioned number Blue - Suffering from depression maybe acquired at bg Blue - See 19 Blue - Squander money in way that's sad and obscene Blue - Flag when down, then fade Blue - See 14 across Blue - Rude to squander Blue - Down with 22 down, a european cleanliness award Blue - Large animals start to hibernate in right-wing country Blue - Unhappy participant in events at university Blue - Colour - near the knuckle! Blue - Colour Blue - Unhappy - university sportsman Blue - University sportsman - a shade - depressed Blue - Indecent Blue - Unhappy ã sportsman at university Blue - Sad - colour Blue - Turquoise Blue - Colour - smutty Blue - Smutty - colour Blue - This could be royal or navy Blue - Sad - shade Blue - Spend all at once - colour Blue - Woodland flower Blue - Terrible commotion? Blue - Primary colour Blue - A primary color Blue - Down in the dumps shade? Blue - See 19 down Blue - Jeans opener? Blue - _____ whale Blue - *robin's egg color Blue - Spectrum component Blue - Hardly happy Blue - Conservative backing european union? liberal bias, for starters Blue - Sapphire, for instance Blue - This movie is x-rated Blue - Off-color color Blue - Bell or sky preceder Blue - Despondent one's color? Blue - Color of paul bunyan's ox Blue - A little depressed Blue - Bummed-out color? Blue - A color in the u.s. flag Blue - Erotic Blue - Really bummed Blue - Teal, e.g Blue - Colours dubs at university back in belgium Blue - Depressed with version of 6 down Blue - Despondent color? Blue - Mariners leave serial number down Blue - Rainbow color Blue - _____nosers (nova scotians jokingly ) Blue - Like toronto's jays Blue - Sportsman needing to be cheered Blue - Wistful Blue - Litmus-paper color Blue - Old glory color Blue - Miserable; waste (money) Blue - Down a ball at snooker Blue - Red-headed australian tory? Blue - Steely name Blue - Very rare treatment of sharpe steak Blue - Squander with indecent style Blue - Jon mitchell album or a boy band maybe Blue - Dejected varsity type? Blue - Australian redhead down in the dumps Blue - Colourful award Blue - Colourful boy band Blue - - of the world (queen album) Blue - And 17 world's largest mammal Blue - John martyn made it solid Blue - Sad, squander Blue - Down in oxford, it's dark Blue - Browned off by another colour? Blue - Melancholy, colour Blue - Sad, melancholy Blue - Australian redhead sometimes heard of with little boy Blue - Varsity sportsman Blue - Sad; butterfly Blue - Sky-coloured Blue - What's reported did make current conservative depressed Blue - Stick with black for good colour Blue - Such humour makes conservative sad Blue - Australian redhead's very cold Blue - Sort of bloomer made by penelope fitzgerald Blue - Depressed; colour Blue - Snooker ball's down Blue - Unusual moon is down Blue - Colour; melancholy Blue - Oxbridge sportsman; sad Blue - An afternoon with william boyd Blue - Sad; colour Blue - A shade despondent Blue - Navy spend recklessly, it's said Blue - Sad; university sportsman Blue - Morose adult Blue - "nypd ____" Blue - Sportsman, could be one of 8 or 11 or one of 18 Blue - Word before cheese or chip Blue - In a melancholy mood Blue - Color for a little boy or a lagoon Blue - A shade risqué Blue - Second part of 11 Blue - Low sea Blue - Shade right of centre Blue - True colour? Blue - Heard it blew down Blue - Spend unwisely, being dispirited Blue - Shade too near the knuckle? Blue - Oxbridge sportsman Blue - Morose; colour Blue - Puffed, say, and downhearted Blue - A dirty word for 'squander' Blue - Sea colour Blue - E.g. indigo Blue - Spend unwisely, being depressed Blue - Colour; depressed Blue - Dismal Blue - Cold fritter Blue - Oxbridge sports award Blue - Participant in boat race puffed audibly Blue - Miserable and off colour Blue - Fed up athlete Blue - Eg prussian Blue - Was windy, we're told, and very cold Blue - Royal navy, for example Blue - ,14 down tv programme crew is going to show Blue - This extension makes east wing of 1ac shady Blue - Spend wildly, being depressed Blue - '-- christmas', 1964 hit for elvis presley Blue - University sportsman Blue - Aristocratic sportsman Blue - Rebelliousness regularly viewed as vulgar Blue - Conservative is livid Blue - Unhappy adult Blue - Expelled reportedly for being indecent Blue - Unhappy university sportsman Blue - Suggestive of sexual impropriety Blue - Depressed college athlete Blue - Glum Blue - Be a shade over-extravagant? Blue - Sportsman entertaining rabbi Blue - Miserable university athlete Blue - See 17 across Blue - Conservative down in the dumps? Blue - Openings of books like ulysses: extremely coarse Blue - A shade gloomy Blue - Navy gets one miserable? Blue - Groan leaving lounge bar into the great unknown, poetically speaking Blue - Crayon choice Blue - Plan for conservative and unionist controlled media at one time ... Blue - Glum, sad Blue - Clear-sky color Blue - Sportsman at university is dirty Blue - Risqu Blue - Gloomy Blue - Cerulean, for instance Blue - Depressed and puffed, by the sound of it Blue - Sad color Blue - Russian ______ Blue - Melancholy, sad Blue - Looking extremely cold and depressed? Blue - Color of sadness Blue - See 31-down Blue - ___ note (greenwich village jazz club) Blue - Dispirited Blue - Unhappy Blue - Needing cheering Blue - Ocean hue Blue - Primary color of facebook Blue - Color in the american flag Blue - Cobalt __ Blue - The 'b' in roy g. biv Blue - Down in the mouth Blue - The 'b' of roy g. biv Blue - Risqué Blue - In a glum mood Blue - Azure or navy Blue - Colour; obscene Blue - Shady type banks blank cheque Blue - Off-color, paradoxically Blue - Like california on most election maps Blue - Like cookie monster and grover Blue - Ibm's color Blue - See 7 across Blue - '80s rockers black 'n ___ Blue - Icehouse "electric ___" Blue - Mopey Blue - Big __ marble (earth, as seen from space) Blue - Feeling sad Blue - Cherry's pooch Blue - And 22 down: waters squandered a point before end of game Blue - Like the upper half of haiti's flag Blue - Midnight, e.g Blue - Color like indigo Blue - Like some bruises near the knuckle Blue - An american flag color Blue - In need of cheering up Blue - Color of depression? Blue - Color that can precede each half of each [3] answer Blue - 'kind of ___' (classic miles davis album) Blue - A shade too near the knuckle? Blue - A shade down Blue - Cold with clear sky Blue - Bawdy university sportsman Blue - "my ___ heaven" Blue - Navy, e.g., or what the starred answers can be, in various ways Blue - Like alice's gown in 'alice in wonderland' Blue - See 18 across Blue - Gershwin's "rhapsody in ___" Blue - Miserable - cerulean Blue - Miserable - cerulean Blue - Gershwin title color Blue - Gershwin title color
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Sad; university sportsman (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - sad; university sportsman. word on "B". 1 - st. letter B. 2 - st. letter L. 3 - st. letter U. 4 - st. letter E.

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