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Yesmen - Toadies longing to get round english sergeant-major

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Yesmen - Toadies Yesmen - Sycophants Yesmen - They're not critical Yesmen - They can cause eye rolls around the office Yesmen - Flunkeys Yesmen - Managerial toadies Yesmen - Flunkies Yesmen - Bootlickers Yesmen - Contrarians' opposites Yesmen - They sound as if they just don't want to know Yesmen - They're such agreeable people Yesmen - Affirmative male sycophants Yesmen - They agree to everything Yesmen - They're all agreeable to be around the south of the south of the red sea Yesmen - Sycophants like assenting males Yesmen - Each of them 26 down Yesmen - 'an agreeable lot of fellows (3,3)' Yesmen - They'll agree the enemy battered around the south Yesmen - All-too-agreeable fellows Yesmen - Nodding acquaintances? Yesmen - Country infiltrated by skinhead's obsequious subordinates Yesmen - They always agree with bosses Yesmen - Doormats, of a sort Yesmen - Positive response to john and peter is always okay with them Yesmen - Assemblymen drop lambs with toadies Yesmen - Boss pleasers Yesmen - They never oppose head of state in republic Yesmen - Followers who appear for a second in the country Yesmen - Sycophants longing to get out of southern state Yesmen - They always agree with a superior Yesmen - Sycophants with their leader taking refuge in republic Yesmen - People with no fear? Yesmen - Order enemy's subordinates to comply Yesmen - Home of asians devouring small lapdogs? Yesmen - Middle east country housing is for regime sycophants Yesmen - Toadies longing to get round english sergeant-major Yesmen - Tools head of state imported into foreign land Yesmen - They don't challenge authority Yesmen - Agreeable toadies? Yesmen - You get sun in hot country? we can't disagree! Yesmen - Unquestioning conformists Yesmen - Nodding acquaintances Yesmen - Willing conformers Yesmen - People authorised to give the boss a nod Yesmen - Agreeable people finding sun in peninsular state? Yesmen - Poodles son brought into country Yesmen - Agreeable types? Yesmen - Obedient camp-followers Yesmen - Rubber stamps Yesmen - Seen my doctors with that lot who can never say no Yesmen - Country welcoming first of slimy sycophants Yesmen - Corporate sycophants Yesmen - Acquiescent types originally serving in a gulf country Yesmen - Of course, that lot on stag party can never say no Yesmen - Nodding acquaintances? they're most agreeable Yesmen - They never oppose head of state in part of middle east Yesmen - Unquestioning followers Yesmen - Arab state welcoming last of various sycophants Yesmen - Lackeys Yesmen - Those always agreeing with head of state in country Yesmen - Guys who go along Yesmen - Agreeable chaps are second in country Yesmen - Crawlers!