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Altimeter - Height indicator

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Altimeter - Aircraft instrument Altimeter - It tells you how much you've 56-across Altimeter - Instrument that's taken up Altimeter - Mountain climber's gadget Altimeter - Navigation aid Altimeter - That'll tell what you're up to Altimeter - Instrument to measure height above ground Altimeter - It measures height above sea level Altimeter - It gives elevation when season's in change Altimeter - About time to modify item in air display Altimeter - About time to change aircraft accessory Altimeter - Changeover time in the cockpit Altimeter - Instrument for measuring height Altimeter - Height-measuring device Altimeter - Flyer's instrument needs change, bird being trapped inside Altimeter - About time to change gauge Altimeter - Aircraft height indicator Altimeter - Plane's instrument needs change, covering a period Altimeter - One satisfied with change around something in the cockpit Altimeter - Aircraft instrument showing change when the enemy comes in Altimeter - Pilot's gauge - amid change is it watched? Altimeter - Plane's height measurer Altimeter - This is in cockpit, for when captain wants his feet up Altimeter - Height gauge Altimeter - Height sensor Altimeter - Instrument is correct, keeping the hour Altimeter - Height indicator Altimeter - Stretch parts to make different equipment for pilot Altimeter - A spell in to modify aircraft instrument Altimeter - About time to adjust the height indicator Altimeter - Change fourth dimension within height-measuring instrument Altimeter - Duration's covered by other pilot's gauge Altimeter - A highly informative device Altimeter - Skydiving device Altimeter - Moment to change clothes for bit of pilot's kit