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Night - Darkness; see you in the morning

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Night - Dusk to dawn Night - Time for some shifts Night - Kind of court or school Night - When most people retire Night - Bedtime call, informally Night - Busy time for fireflies Night - Thing broken in time of darkness? Night - Darkness Night - When many people retire Night - Sack time Night - Word with club or stick Night - When bats fly Night - Dracula's time Night - Dusk-to-dawn period Night - "what hath __ to do with sleep?": milton Night - Star's time to shine? Night - Cap or gown lead-in Night - When to see stars Night - "'twas the ___ before christmas ..." Night - Usual bedtime Night - Wiesel work Night - Dracula’s shift Night - Graveyard shift Night - Dracula's shift Night - Wiesel memoir Night - Time to sleep Night - Fright _____, 1985 hallowe'en knee knocker Night - Dracula's favorite time Night - Date time, often Night - Time for a tuck Night - Period of ignorance Night - It falls but never breaks Night - Time for fireworks Night - Astronomer's prime time Night - Day follower Night - Sleep time Night - Dracula's waking hours Night - Dark period Night - Dark hours Night - It falls quite predictably Night - "... and the darkness he called ___" (gen 1:5) Night - It's not light Night - Near to tea it's no light matter Night - It's near the capital of thailand, but keep it dark Night - The thing is that this sort of headgear makes 2 down Night - Near to being black tea? Night - The thing is that it's no light matter Night - That's no light matter to be so close to tea Night - Sir, you sound black Night - Near the beginning of 27 across or the finish of 30 across Night - After today one will get almost a little tea Night - Is the tea near to being so dark as that? Night - It's almost beginning to be tea time after 16 down Night - Almost the sound of the end of 2 down, but keep it dark Night - Near the start, but keep it dark Night - It's close to tea, but keep it dark Night - It's so dark it's almost tea Night - Not far from black tea Night - Must be kept in the dark, sir, by the sound of it Night - That starts near dark Night - Black thing Night - 'red sky at . . . . ., shepherd's delight' Night - Between sunset and sunrise Night - The thing is that it's not light Night - Between dusk and dawn Night - 'she walks in beauty, like the . . . . .' (byron) Night - From sunset to sunrise Night - 'she walks in beauty, like the ...' - byron Night - The hours of darkness Night - 'she walks in beauty, like the ... ' (byron) Night - "she walks in beauty, like the ..." (byron) Night - That could be the thing, sir, by the sound of it Night - The first one is no light matter for an actor Night - It begins to get close now that it's so dark Night - Near to a little tea is no light matter Night - Nothing light for you, sir, by the sound of it Night - Then lights up Night - Hard by a little tea if it's dark enough Night - The black thing Night - It gets near to tea when day is done Night - How this could make one follower of 32 across Night - Day break? Night - It's nearly time for bed Night - Approaching the time which is said to fall Night - Brief last greeting sounds noble Night - See 10 Night - Day nothing changed? Night - See 22 Night - Not quite time in the foregoing for a 10 (26)'s subject Night - Nearly time to see the moon? Night - Nearly time - for bed? Night - It's dark almost on time Night - The time when lancelot, say, lost his head Night - Fall behind it at the end of day Night - 'the dark cavalier' hides his head Night - Close on temperature for a usually colder period Night - See 6 Night - An awful thing, the moment when stars appear Night - Sir kay spent hours in darkness Night - Hours of darkness Night - See 1 across Night - Thing (anag) Night - Tennyson's 'black bat' Night - From dusk until dawn Night - 'the 2 8 of the dog in the _____' Night - See 9 Night - Time without 10 Night - Period of darkness Night - See 1 Night - For most, the time for sleep Night - What proverbially follows day Night - Period after sunset Night - Comment to one who's retiring, informally Night - One of seven in a week Night - Near the onset of the dark Night - Dark time Night - Elie wiesel work Night - From dusk 'til dawn Night - Time to retire Night - See 26-across Night - It's near the time when one should be abed Night - Close time? Night - When most dreams occur Night - Brief remark upon retiring Night - From dusk to dawn Night - When horror movie scenes are generally set Night - Graveyard-shift time Night - Time for vampires Night - See 13 across Night - Day follower Night - The dark time Night - Day's partner Night - Popular christmas carol Night - Word 4 of a christmas classic Night - Like all world series games, now Night - Most of the drink is upset in the dark Night - Nearly time - it's late Night - The last thing you might wish to be good? Night - When to make new observation, with first of stars out Night - Loose garment that is stripped off in the dark Night - Thing suffering damage when it's dark Night - Dark - almost totally, to start with Night - Dark period for medical reformer missing in gale Night - Time to say one's piece Night - David gray's current record label Night - Near end of it? that's when it's darkest Night - Time for bed? it's almost time Night - Late activity near west end Night - Dark time when king leaves such as lancelot Night - Near east's ultimate period of gloom Night - Burns silent ladies before these hours? Night - Noisy piece, the follow-up to 16 Night - A hard day's (the beatles) Night - - school, - owl Night - Light returns with an end to whistling in the dark Night - Black chessman - but not the king Night - Black bat near back of roost Night - Time between days Night - Closing time? Night - Expected arrival approaching end of twilight? Night - Sunset to sunrise Night - Opposite of day Night - Black piece, not king Night - Time of darkness Night - Time for turning in, almost on time Night - Saturday - fever (film) Night - Dark piece on the radio Night - It's good, this word for the retiring Night - Black near, violet's close Night - Dark period 11 possibly reported Night - Nearly time (for bed?) Night - Time to hand over the missing high explosive? Night - This still warm near end of august? Night - Illumination needed now it's near end of event Night - Dark spot changing direction initially Night - Darkness; see you in the morning Night - Illumination needed now towards end of event Night - Upward time for stroll Night - Time for williams's song Night - Near to the start of darkness Night - Thing (anag.) Night - Evening Night - Activity in the form of entertainment after dark Night - When stars are seen close to their leader Night - Nearly time, time after sunset Night - Day and - - Night - End of the day Night - Close to the beginning of time? Night - In the darkness rider bumps off king Night - (hours of) darkness Night - Fall behind it at the end of the day Night - Scary thing, darkness Night - Near end of flight in the dark Night - Near back of hut it's dark Night - See 21 across Night - The dark rider heading off Night - See 6 across Night - Boat crew's leader changes direction when it gets dark Night - Black phase man on board reported Night - 'man,' you say, 'it's dark!' Night - Man on board losing his head when the stars appear Night - Polar variation on view in darkness Night - And 9 across: add anything to pieces to get a song Night - Nearly time -- time for bed Night - Most of the gin's drunk -- time for bed? Night - The fall that followed eve Night - See 8 Night - The sound of a horseman after sunset? Night - Activity in the dark close to ending in embarrassment? ... Night - Nearly finish project when getting dark Night - It's dark near tunnel entrance Night - Lean back keeping good and evil figuratively Night - Near heart of total darkness Night - Strange thing to say repeatedly when tucking child in Night - Dark and terribly thin, but good at heart Night - Time to take hot drink and retire? Night - When to see stars near the end of august Night - Time between sunset and sunrise Night - Then, half-appearing, one of the spirits rises up? Night - 'silent --' (carol) Night - Man on board announced time for retirement Night - Word that can precede either part of 17-, 25-, 38-, 54- and 63-across Night - When to see the moon near the end of august Night - Opposite pole to vision? darkness Night - Busy time for bats Night - Dark tower's beginning - hard drink knocked back Night - We hear sir at the end of the day Night - "twas the ... before christmas, when all through the house / not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" Night - Hours of darkness, dreadful thing Night - What's near end of 31st? Night - Time to see stars Night - Kind of cap and gown Night - Man on board losing head in the dark Night - Dancing reel this time could be lengthier Night - Dark front removed from piece Night - At hand puppet's last occasion to perform Night - When one sees stars Night - Weird thing, darkness Night - Odd thing is - this is one for the stars Night - Near base of minaret, in darkness Night - The dark Night - Probably time for bed, as first of girls ensnared by rakish revolutionary? Night - Ac/dc "___ prowler" Night - Man said brief word of farewell at end of day Night - It's dark when headless horseman appears Night - Report of man that's stood by castle in dark period Night - It falls daily but never breaks Night - With 9-down, hit sitcom of the 1980s-'90s Night - Havers, perhaps missing the spanish height in the dark Night - Dream time approaching, close to sunset Night - It's almost time when i should retire Night - 'sweet dreams' Night - Dark period for titled fellow losing his 'k' Night - Battle force turns to north when it's dark Night - Strange thing, but it's time for bed Night - Man’s heading off when it’s time to retire Night - Dark near light, ultimately Night - Dark near light, ultimately