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Accept - Buy something done with mushroom stuffing

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  • 1 - st. word A
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  • 5 - st. word P
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Accept - Say 'yes' to Accept - Agree to Accept - Believe in Accept - Swallow Accept - Readily receive Accept - Word used by the nominee Accept - Live with Accept - Consider true Accept - Go along with Accept - Believe to be true Accept - Say "yes" Accept - Take Accept - With 27-across, what the five actors in this puzzle have been the only actors to do with their award Accept - Honor Accept - Come to terms with Accept - Receive readily Accept - Come to grips with Accept - Take on Accept - Take as true Accept - Take willingly Accept - Consent to Accept - By the sound of it, you'd never know to do this Accept - Receive the gift or agree to comply Accept - Save for this, by the sound of it, one might agree to it Accept - Save this, by the sound of it, one may be agreeable Accept - Save for the sound of this, one may be agreeable Accept - It's not refuse Accept - Receive willingly Accept - Take what is offered Accept - Receive something proffered Accept - Agree or be willing to take Accept - Receive what's offered Accept - Say yes to Accept - Receive something offered Accept - Take something offered Accept - Consider to be true Accept - Recieve something offered Accept - Admit into a group Accept - Consider or hold as true Accept - Receive willingly or take as true Accept - Take as a gift Accept - Sound of save for no refuse Accept - Save for this, by the sound of it, and say yes Accept - No refuse here Accept - No refuse from this Accept - No refuse has tape twisted around 2 x 100 Accept - No refuse here - save for the sound of it Accept - Consent to receive Accept - Take (more or less) a letter? indeed Accept - Believe one wouldn't say no to this Accept - Tolerate performance around church piano Accept - Grant is held up by student peccadilloes Accept - Take mushroom restricted by legislation Accept - Agree to take on board Accept - Swallow mushroom during execution Accept - Receive legislation about fungus Accept - Abide by church given power in law Accept - Consider as true Accept - Receive - agree Accept - Admit - gain Accept - Agree to receive Accept - Take (something offered) Accept - Receive Accept - Take, as a job Accept - Say yes Accept - Embrace, as an idea Accept - Agree to, as terms Accept - Go along with constant record in routine Accept - Buy mushroom, included in bill Accept - Agree to take Accept - Have belief in deed enshrining church power Accept - Recognise and do something about fungus Accept - Take on; tolerate Accept - Acknowledge church gaining power in law Accept - Believe to be correct Accept - Concede there's something capped in statute Accept - Say yes to trust and agree to buy Accept - Take on (responsibility) Accept - Put up with function, eating mushroom Accept - Regard with approval; take on Accept - Stomach's function when eating mushroom Accept - Buy something done with mushroom stuffing Accept - Put up with Accept - Acknowledge it's harsh leaving cheap charts Accept - Admit ruling is needed about the mushroom Accept - Understand something done involving mushroom Accept - Take a mushroom into court Accept - Take, receive Accept - Take bill this french part Accept - Take a small quantity of tape to wind round Accept - Undertake Accept - Take to be play about mushroom Accept - Take colt into super gym Accept - Take a cold mushroom and tomato starter Accept - Swallow mushroom, in turn Accept - Tolerate Accept - Take up Accept - Acknowledge Accept - Take what's offered Accept - Welcome law restricting fungal growth Accept - Admit Accept - Willingly receive damaged cap etc Accept - Agree to a friending request Accept - Say 'ok' to Accept - Welcome performance around church piano Accept - Decline to decline Accept - Take on account and record first of transactions Accept - Put up with a troublesome pet catching cold repeatedly Accept - Honor, as a coupon Accept - Take as correct Accept - Grasp back muscle during performance Accept - Put up with performance around coldplay's first record Accept - Do not oppose legislation limiting church power Accept - Bear Accept - Agree to or be willing to take