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Operator - Smooth worker

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Operator - Smooth worker Operator - Numbers person? Operator - Numbers person Operator - Wheeler-dealer Operator - Ernestine, in a lily tomlin skit Operator - Number finder Operator - One whose working days are numbered Operator - Switchboard worker Operator - Phone company employee Operator - Zero personality? Operator - Antiquated telephone company position Operator - Someone standing by? Operator - Phone-company employee Operator - One at the switchboard Operator - Switchboard employee Operator - At&t employee Operator - Perhaps it's the surgeon that starts with work in the theatre Operator - Controller, of a machine say Operator - Person who controls machinery Operator - Person who directs or controls, machine say Operator - Agent who runs a machine Operator - Agent that runs some apparatus or machine Operator - Telephone controller Operator - Poor rate for a businessman Operator - Director or controlller of machinery Operator - Controller of a machine Operator - Agent that runs a machine Operator - Person who directs or controls, machine say (8) Operator - Agent that handles an apparatus Operator - Person who runs a machine or a business Operator - Controller, of telephone say Operator - Person who's a zero? Operator - Maybe carmen tore off the last for a numbers person? Operator - Machinist works to rule at first Operator - Perhaps it's norma hill who answers the call Operator - Surgeon who will do you if he can Operator - Musical show high spot for a worker Operator - Worker from the outskirts of prague interrupting speaker Operator - Tosca, say, to romeo, who's working the machine Operator - Worker with poor rate when working? Operator - Machinist's work rate poor Operator - A dubious character, this masked man in theatre? Operator - Person at switchboard, etc Operator - Person on switchboard Operator - One working a machine Operator - User Operator - User of machine etc Operator - Wheeler-dealer - telephonist Operator - Smooth player Operator - Once at the end of every line, now a musical composition up a hill Operator - Wheeler-dealer will perish in turn behind musical Operator - One whose working days are numbered? Operator - Technician Operator - Person working a switchboard Operator - I need to make the right connections in my business Operator - Manipulative type of person speaking about working out Operator - One makes connections in exchange for income Operator - Exchange worker? Operator - Worker brings show to a peak Operator - Conductor finding carmen, for example, rubbish on reflection Operator - Report a poor showing by the ring's conductor Operator - (machine) user Operator - Poor rate for working agent Operator - Mathematical symbol Operator - Manipulative person Operator - Actor finding love through a 'rubbish' write-up Operator - Machinist works to rule, initially Operator - Surgeon found on call? Operator - An individual working for awfully poor rate Operator - Rock musical first produced by a worker Operator - Work to the right of the machinist Operator - Surgeon offers absurdly poor rate! Operator - Conductor of 'aida'? flipping rubbish! Operator - Musical show high-spot for a worker Operator - Poor rate (anag.) Operator - Machinist Operator - Dramatic work, high point for one working in theatre Operator - Machinist's function Operator - One controlling machine in drama, landing on hill Operator - Worker 'standing by' Operator - I connect, - perhaps Operator - Company manager presents tosca, perhaps, to queen Operator - A bit of a hustler with carmen on the hill Operator - Machiavellian speaker keeps empty promise Operator - Machine worker Operator - Poor rate fixed for handler Operator - Controller of machinery Operator - Manipulator Operator - A report doctored in support of old surgeon, perhaps? Operator - Machinist -- or surgeon? Operator - Telephonist Operator - Mechanic over each area covering rising rust Operator - Old phone company worker