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Arbiter - Umpire

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Arbiter - Umpire Arbiter - Judge Arbiter - Dispute settler Arbiter - Umpire, for one Arbiter - Decisive one Arbiter - Referee Arbiter - Settler? Arbiter - Strike mediator Arbiter - It's the turn of the academician to get his teeth into being a judge Arbiter - One might judge that the artist is back to using his teeth Arbiter - By the sound of it, little sister, don't go and get stagnant like this Arbiter - As a referee the academician turns snappish, it seems Arbiter - To get the academician up, the judge may have to get his teeth into it at last Arbiter - As a referee, an artistic back biter Arbiter - It's up to the artist to be the one to use his teeth to settle the dispute Arbiter - Is the painter up to getting his teeth into being a referee? Arbiter - A judge of rarebit Arbiter - Judge to decide a disputed issue Arbiter - One judges a disputed issue Arbiter - One has the authority to resolve disputes Arbiter - One decides in disputes Arbiter - Judge, final authority Arbiter - Referee or judge of rarebit Arbiter - One appointed to settle a dispute Arbiter - Judge, umpire Arbiter - Authoritative sort Arbiter - One settles disputes Arbiter - He will try freshly cooked rarebit Arbiter - Judge a royal nipper Arbiter - Umpire arranged to eat snack Arbiter - He will try to cook rarebit Arbiter - He'll judge a section about right with little hesitation Arbiter - Referee runs after a savage dog? Arbiter - I decide how rarebit is to be cooked Arbiter - Judge deciding on lost tribe in arabia Arbiter - German worker, not english judge Arbiter - Judge - mediator Arbiter - Someone with the power to settle the matter Arbiter - Dispute decider Arbiter - Go-between Arbiter - Ump or ref Arbiter - Controller arrives, having eaten a little something Arbiter - Mediator, referee Arbiter - Judge arrives, having consumed light meal Arbiter - Snack brought in, arranged by judge Arbiter - Adjudicator Arbiter - See second point in argument and bear it out? i might Arbiter - Snapper taken from a river by expert Arbiter - He decides, having arrived, to eat snack Arbiter - One settling disputes Arbiter - Referee arrives to rein in champ Arbiter - Piece in rare mess? he'll decide Arbiter - Bishop in a ceremony, with monarch and judge Arbiter - Settler of disputes Arbiter - Judge has to ban dangerous dog, perhaps, lacking lead Arbiter - Referee right to stop an ear-nibbler, say Arbiter - A piece taking rook, then queen? one must exercise judgment Arbiter - Settler of dispute Arbiter - Settler of a dispute Arbiter - Judge a head on real ale sound Arbiter - Authority Arbiter - Judge shows an aggressive dog, accepting second in crufts Arbiter - Ref, a right angry dog, say? Arbiter - One has the authority to settle disputes Arbiter - Judge arrived, carrying a little to eat Arbiter - Rarebit (anag.) Arbiter - Judge a bishop without incisiveness Arbiter - Judge taking part in rare settlement Arbiter - Judge a bishop to be without incisiveness Arbiter - Judge if rarebit was flawed Arbiter - Arranged to be outside to snap judge Arbiter - A king stung by queen's authority Arbiter - Authority of a bishop getting grip Arbiter - Rear bit (anag.) Arbiter - A bishop taking hold shows authority Arbiter - Petronius --, roman author of the 'satyricon' Arbiter - Judge a river fish popular with anglers Arbiter - Judge toasted rarebit Arbiter - Decision maker Arbiter - Judge arrives having snatched quick meal Arbiter - Source of authority -- a royal one with bite Arbiter - Judge turned irritable, losing one pound Arbiter - A ceremony run without bishop or judge Arbiter - Ruling party? Arbiter - Judge with hard heart, one using teeth Arbiter - Judge in a dispute Arbiter - Union grievance figure Arbiter - Beef inspector? Arbiter - One who settles disputes Arbiter - Judge arrives carrying grip Arbiter - Labor go-between Arbiter - Judge and a clergyman eating snack? Arbiter - One with the power to settle a matter Arbiter - One who settles arguments Arbiter - Barrie plays about troy's leader and paris in prelude to war?