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Triple - Superlarge drink

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Triple - -- crown Triple - -- sec (orange liqueur) Triple - A journey the french make much longer Triple - Add twice as much nonsense about learner Triple - Almost a home run Triple - Almost a homer Triple - Base hit Triple - Baseball rarity Triple - Bet made by 5 across and 17 down? Triple - Big hit Triple - Big hit in baseball Triple - Breaking into rubbish fifty-three times Triple - Consisting of three Triple - Diamond feat Triple - Disastrously let rip a few times Triple - Extra-large drink Triple - Go from 1 to 3, e.g Triple - Good hit Triple - Hardest baseball hit to get Triple - Hardest hit to get Triple - Hardest hit to get in baseball Triple - Hit that clears the bases Triple - Hit that rolls to the wall, maybe Triple - Hitter's feat Triple - In three parts Triple - Journey the parisian made three times Triple - Least common base hit Triple - Let rip with a threesome Triple - List price drops (sic) threefold Triple - More than twice might one stumble like this over the french Triple - Multiplié par trois Triple - Multiply by three Triple - Nonsense about 50 x 3 Triple - Not quite a homer Triple - Not quite a run Triple - One of ty cobb's record 295 in the a.l Triple - One of willie mays's 20 in 1957 Triple - Rare hit Triple - Rare hit for a slow runner Triple - Rare hit for a slow-footed batter Triple - Rare hit for most catchers Triple - Rare play Triple - Rarity for a lumbering slugger Triple - Rubbish written about liberal, involving several parties Triple - Square last letters to the french ¿ you¿ll need more than double for this Triple - Start to fall for the french, more than twice as much Triple - Superlarge drink Triple - Tennessee williams' play Triple - Three times Triple - Three times left in food Triple - Three times they initially faced terrible peril Triple - Three-bagger Triple - Three-base hit Triple - Three-fold Triple - Threefold Triple - Threefold, treble Triple - Toughest hit to get in a cycle Triple - Tour the french will make three times Triple - Tour the french will make three times Triple - Very big drink that's rubbish, litre swallowed Triple - With 39-across, impressive basketball feat ... or a feature shared by the answers to the six starred clues Triple - __ threat: performer who can sing, dance and act