Yrs - Many mos

Word by letter:
  • Yrs - Letter on Y
  • 1 - st. word Y
  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word S

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Yrs - '01 and '06, e.g Yrs - '01 and '10, e.g Yrs - '01, '02, etc Yrs - '04, '08 and others Yrs - '07, '08 and '09 Yrs - '08 and '12 Yrs - '09, '10, etc Yrs - '17 and '18 Yrs - '97 and '98, e.g Yrs - 1000 and 2000 e.g Yrs - 1000, 1500 and 2000: abbr Yrs - 12-mo. periods Yrs - 1492 and 2001: abbr Yrs - 1520 and 2015, e.g.: abbr Yrs - 1776 and 2001, e.g.: abbr Yrs - 19-across units: abbr Yrs - 1949 and 2004, abbr Yrs - 1976 and 2001, e.g.: abbr Yrs - 1984 and 1776, for ex Yrs - 1999 and 2015, for short Yrs - 2000 b.c. and a.d., e.g Yrs - 2001 and 2010, for ex Yrs - 2013 and 2014, e.g Yrs - 2222 and 2468, e.g., briefly Yrs - 31-across divs Yrs - 365 days, over and over Yrs - 365-day periods, roughly Yrs - 52-wk. periods Yrs - 52-wk. spans Yrs - 52-wk. units Yrs - 747 and 757: abbr Yrs - Abbr. before 'truly' Yrs - Abbr. for seasons played Yrs - Abbr. in ages Yrs - Abbr. in old letter sign-offs Yrs - Abbr. that comes with age Yrs - Academic pds Yrs - Age abbr Yrs - Age-old abbr.? Yrs - Age: abbr Yrs - Alumni data: abbr Yrs - Anniv. nos Yrs - Anniversary no Yrs - Brief letter sign-off Yrs - Cal. spans Yrs - Cal. stretches Yrs - Cal. units Yrs - Calendar periods: abbr Yrs - Calendar ref Yrs - Calendar refs Yrs - Calendar spans: abbr Yrs - Calendar units: abbr Yrs - Cen fractions Yrs - Cen. components Yrs - Cen. fractions Yrs - Cen. parts Yrs - Cent. fractions Yrs - Cent. parts Yrs - Century divs Yrs - Century fractions (abbr.) Yrs - Century parts (abbr.) Yrs - Century pts Yrs - Coll. divisions Yrs - Copyright data: abbr Yrs - Decade divisions: abbr Yrs - Decade divs Yrs - Decade fractions: abbr Yrs - Decade parts (abbr.) Yrs - Decade parts: abbr Yrs - Decade pts Yrs - Decade tenths: abbr Yrs - Decade units: abbr Yrs - Dozens of mos Yrs - Earth cycles: abbr Yrs - Election and leap, for ex Yrs - Eon units: abbr Yrs - Era divisions: abbr Yrs - Era divs Yrs - Era units: abbr Yrs - For many, they end while staring at ryan seacrest: abbr Yrs - Freshman and sr Yrs - Hist. book nos Yrs - Hist. class data Yrs - History book nos Yrs - Hundreds of wks Yrs - Information on wine bottles: abbr Yrs - Jr and sr, in school Yrs - Jr. and sr Yrs - Jr. and sr., e.g Yrs - Jr. and sr., for two Yrs - Kin of mos Yrs - Letter signoff, for short Yrs - Long time, for short Yrs - Long time: abbr Yrs - Lots of mos Yrs - Many moons: abbr Yrs - Many mos Yrs - Many, many mos Yrs - Millennium divs Yrs - Millennium fractions (abbr.) Yrs - Model information: abbr Yrs - Mos. add up to them Yrs - Mos. and mos Yrs - Mos. turn into them Yrs - Mos. upon mos Yrs - Nos. at the end of most dates Yrs - Parts of dates: abbr Yrs - Parts of some library call nos Yrs - Representation of 34-down: abbr Yrs - Résumé abbr Yrs - Revolutionary periods: abbr Yrs - Revolutions, perhaps: abbr Yrs - Sch. levels Yrs - Sch. terms Yrs - Sch. units Yrs - Sentence units: abbr Yrs - Signoff like "truly," but shorter Yrs - Soph and jr Yrs - Soph. and jr Yrs - Soph. and others Yrs - Soph., jr. and sr Yrs - Spas that last 52 wks Yrs - Sports seasons: abbr Yrs - Sr. and jr Yrs - Sr. and jr., e.g Yrs - Term units, usu Yrs - There are 100 in a century (abbr.) [s] Yrs - They go by fast (abbr.) Yrs - They make cents Yrs - They may be b.c. or a.d Yrs - They often begin with champagne, for short Yrs - They take months to complete (abbr.) Yrs - Time line markings: abbr Yrs - Timeline data: abbr Yrs - Timeline divs Yrs - Timeline info: abbr Yrs - Timeline nos Yrs - Timeline parts: abbr Yrs - Times between dropping balls?: abbr Yrs - Times for revolutions: abbr Yrs - Tree-ring meas Yrs - Twelve-mo. spans Yrs - Twelve-month spans: abbr Yrs - Vintage nos Yrs - What birthday candles represent: abbr Yrs - What many wks. become Yrs - What mos. become Yrs - Wine bottle figs Yrs - Wks. and wks Yrs - Wks. and wks. and wks
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Many mos (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - many mos. word on "Y". 1 - st. letter Y. 2 - st. letter R. 3 - st. letter S.

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