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Mayoral - Like certain elections

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Mayoral - After 31 days, examinat­ion of a government official Mayoral - Agreement held by right of office Mayoral - April written, however… (regarding boris?) Mayoral - Certain city election Mayoral - Certainly covered by ethos of such as boris Mayoral - Concerned with official mark always given by word of mouth Mayoral - Dignitary's not employing page beyond a few weeks Mayoral - For the present, might be 22 down over the city Mayoral - For the present, might it be spoken of the city? Mayoral - Got permission, in a manner of speaking, being over the city Mayoral - Has permission to be speaking for the city Mayoral - Have permission to be speaking in the way of the head of the city Mayoral - In truth, a year is such a tenure for dignitary Mayoral - Ken's spring exam? Mayoral - Kind of campaign Mayoral - Kind of race Mayoral - Like a boston race Mayoral - Like certain elections Mayoral - Like some city races Mayoral - Like some elections Mayoral - Like some local elections Mayoral - Like some local races Mayoral - Might for the present be over the city, in a manner of speaking (7) Mayoral - Might for the present, in a manner of speaking, this be a matter for one over the city? Mayoral - Of a civic dignitary Mayoral - Official's providing prime minister with test Mayoral - Permitted to be vocal for a civic occasion Mayoral - Pertaining to a city election Mayoral - Re a city's leader Mayoral - Re city government Mayoral - Relating to city leader Mayoral - Relating to town's elected head Mayoral - Relating to town's head Mayoral - Spring exam for chief councillor? Mayoral - Spring exam for one in town office Mayoral - Springtime examination of council leader Mayoral - The boss has spoken of boris previously Mayoral - This may be spoken in a civic sort of way Mayoral - This might for the present be spoken in a civic sort of way