Loom - Weaving machine

Word by letter:
  • Loom - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word O
  • 4 - st. word M

All questions by word:
Loom - 'appear as a vague form, perhaps threatening (4)' Loom - 1785 invention of england's edmund cartwright Loom - Ani difranco song off "little plastic castle" Loom - Ani difranco song to weave to? Loom - Apparatus for weaving cloth Loom - Apparatus for weaving yarn Loom - Apparatus used for weaving Loom - Apparatus with pedals Loom - Appear ahead Loom - Appear as a weaver Loom - Appear close and menacing Loom - Appear dimly Loom - Appear dramatically Loom - Appear imminent Loom - Appear impressively large Loom - Appear indistinctly Loom - Appear indistinctly and threatening Loom - Appear indistinctly, in threatening form Loom - Appear large and indistinct, to weave? Loom - Appear menacing Loom - Appear menacingly Loom - Appear ominously Loom - Appear ominously close to depression -- not good Loom - Appear on the horizon Loom - Appear threateningly Loom - Appear unsubtly Loom - Arachne had one Loom - Arachne's device Loom - Arachne's tool Loom - Await ominously Loom - Be imminent Loom - Be impending Loom - Be on the horizon Loom - Bob dylan "golden ___" Loom - Bob dylan weaves on a "golden" one Loom - Bottom may have been raised on such a machine Loom - Bulk large Loom - Carpet weaver Loom - Carpet-making machine Loom - Clothmaker's frame Loom - Colonial williamsburg machine Loom - Come into view Loom - Come into view as rockers leave locker rooms Loom - Come into view threateningly Loom - Contraption for marner Loom - Device for marner Loom - Device with a warp beam and heddles Loom - Device with shuttles Loom - Device with shuttles and treadles Loom - Edmund cartwright's power invention, 1785 Loom - Emerge Loom - Frame for weaving Loom - Hang (over) Loom - Hang menacingly (over) Loom - Hang over Loom - Hang over one's head Loom - Historic williamsburg machine Loom - Hover menacingly Loom - Hover over Loom - Hover threateningly Loom - Impend Loom - Impend or portend Loom - Impend; weaving machine Loom - It generates material Loom - It has a warp Loom - It has heddles and treadles Loom - Jacquard invention Loom - Machine for weaving Loom - Machine for weaving yarn Loom - Machine in tower Loom - Machine with a shuttle Loom - Machine worked in 'norma rae' Loom - Menace - weaving device Loom - Mill machinery no good in poor light Loom - Of future event, seem ominously close Loom - Penelope's frame Loom - Place for a warp and a heddle Loom - Power ___, invention of edmund cartwright, ca. 1785 Loom - Rise dramatically Loom - Rise in a big way Loom - Rise ominously Loom - Rise portentously Loom - Rise threateningly ahead Loom - Rise up dramatically Loom - Rise up threateningly ahead Loom - Rug-making apparatus Loom - Rug-making machine Loom - Rug-making need Loom - Rugmaking apparatus Loom - Secret garden might weave "lore" on one Loom - See 12 Loom - Seem forthcoming Loom - Shuttle setting Loom - Shuttle site Loom - Shuttle spot Loom - Shuttle's place Loom - Shuttle's spot Loom - Solomon misses son working in the weaving factory Loom - Tapestry device Loom - Tapestry machine Loom - Tapestry tool Loom - Tapestry-making device Loom - Textile machine Loom - Textile machine for weaving Loom - Textile machine; come into sight Loom - Textile plant sight Loom - The art of weaving Loom - This will come vaguely weaving into view Loom - Thread maker Loom - Threaten Loom - Threaten john and mark Loom - Threateningly overhang weaving machine Loom - Tower Loom - Tower (over) Loom - Tower over Loom - Warp-and-weft machine Loom - Weaver's apparatus Loom - Weaver's concern Loom - Weaver's contraption Loom - Weaver's device Loom - Weaver's equipment Loom - Weaver's frame Loom - Weaver's machine Loom - Weaver's need Loom - Weaver's tool Loom - Weaver’s equipment Loom - Weaving - apparatus - overhang Loom - Weaving aid Loom - Weaving apparatus Loom - Weaving device Loom - Weaving frame Loom - Weaving frame - seem ominously close Loom - Weaving instrument Loom - Weaving machine Loom - Weaving machine to appear indistinctly Loom - Weaving need Loom - Weaving-frame Loom - What weavers weave on Loom - Wool gatherer? Loom - Woolgatherer?
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Weaving machine (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - weaving machine. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter O. 4 - st. letter M.

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