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  • 1 - st. word N
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word S

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Notes - 'no co, in them of value to place on the back (5)' Notes - *ira investment options Notes - A and e, but not i, o, or u Notes - A coach keeps them during a match Notes - A flat and others Notes - A to g Notes - Arpeggio components Notes - As, bs, cs, ds, fs or gs? Notes - Attack from behind for money Notes - Attack from the back, all for money Notes - Attack money from the back Notes - Attack such money back here Notes - Attack them from below, by the sound of them Notes - B, a, d, g and e, e.g Notes - Bits of music jumping from las to dohs? Notes - Brief communications Notes - Brief letters Notes - Brief letters; money Notes - Brief memos Notes - Brief written records Notes - Cash paid for music? Notes - Cash registers? Notes - Cause to attack over records Notes - Class jottings Notes - Class reminders Notes - Classroom jottings Notes - Classroom writing Notes - Come back and attack no co. in them Notes - Crotchets, minims etc Notes - Determined on getting a rise in cash Notes - Determined to back, having money Notes - Do, re and mi Notes - Do, re and mi, etc Notes - Do, re, mi, e.g Notes - Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, do, re, mi, fa, so, la, do ...? Notes - Doh, re, mi, ... Notes - Dos but not don'ts Notes - Dostoevsky's jottings on the tube? Notes - Dylan has a lot of these lying around Notes - Eg e f g (mus.) Notes - Explanatory material Notes - F and g, but not h Notes - Flagship product from 21-down Notes - Get up and attack the money Notes - Header on a blank book page Notes - How to make money out of music Notes - I.o.u.'s Notes - If they're played the wrong way, attack them Notes - Inscrits Notes - It isn't for 14 down with extra stout that one quavers, perhaps Notes - It's up to them to attack for money Notes - It's up to them to attack the money Notes - Jots down Notes - Jottings Notes - Jottings about stone Notes - Journalist's scribblings Notes - Las, e.g Notes - Lecture attendee's jottings Notes - Lecture jottings Notes - Lecture memoranda Notes - Lecture record Notes - Lecture reminders Notes - Lecture souvenirs Notes - Lecturer's aid Notes - Lecturer's help Notes - Lotus mainstay Notes - Makes mention of Notes - Manager's match-time comments that are written in stone? Notes - Margin jottings Notes - Margin writings Notes - Marginalia Notes - Marginalia, e.g Notes - Marks on a stave Notes - Marks or pounds? Notes - May be taken or played Notes - Memoranda Notes - Memory joggers Notes - Memos Notes - Memos; marks Notes - Memos; observes Notes - Mentions teachers' newspaper isn't available? Notes - Messages from mozart? Notes - Money for the player Notes - Money will make one attack up here Notes - Musical symbols Notes - Neil young "this ___ for you" Notes - No set-up and no co. in for them Notes - Observer's record Notes - Observes Notes - Observes carefully Notes - Observes egg in cuckoo nest Notes - Observes; short comments Notes - Pad filler Notes - Paper money Notes - Pays attention to musical sounds Notes - Pays attention to output from musicians Notes - Piano output Notes - Post-it messages Notes - Post-its, e.g Notes - Quavers, e.g Notes - Recorded summaries Notes - Records musical symbols Notes - Records some music Notes - Reference material Notes - Remarks of a financial nature, perhaps Notes - Reminders Notes - Reporter's jottings Notes - Repository for elia's poems Notes - Reviewers jottings Notes - Reviewers' jottings Notes - School jottings Notes - Scoring units Notes - Scribbles Notes - Scribblings Notes - Sees attack to the north Notes - Setlists on stage Notes - Short letters Notes - Short messages Notes - Short missives Notes - Short statements attack revolutionary Notes - Short written messages Notes - So and so? Notes - Some are high, some are low Notes - Some classwork Notes - Some money to place atop counter Notes - Some scribbles Notes - Speaker's aid Notes - Speaker's aids Notes - Staff additions? Notes - Staff figures Notes - Staff indicators Notes - Staff markings Notes - Staff members Notes - Staff members, and what the circled letters in this puzzle represent Notes - Staff members? Notes - Staff symbols Notes - Stone with jottings Notes - Student's jottings Notes - Student's scribbling Notes - Student's scribblings Notes - Students may pass them Notes - Students study them Notes - Students take them Notes - Students take them in class Notes - Students' accumulations Notes - Study aids Notes - Takes down Notes - Takes heed of Notes - Takes in the return of 13 Notes - Takes into account Notes - The sort of money you can attack from below Notes - There isn't an upset with this sort of money Notes - There isn't any coinage to attack back like this (5) Notes - They're found on scales Notes - They're graphically represented three times in this grid ... and the answers to starred clues are the six longest common words than can be spelled using only them Notes - They're on staff Notes - They're on the staff Notes - They're played for money Notes - They're taken or passed in class Notes - Things taken by those with class Notes - Things taken in class Notes - Those against taking time in minutes Notes - To be played without a backward set, perhaps Notes - Turn up the radio playing music Notes - Units in scoring Notes - Votes against keeping temperature records Notes - What 1 across will make, but not for money like this Notes - What may be played may be attacked from below Notes - What students pass Notes - What the starts of 17-, 34- and 61-across are Notes - Wireless working, turned up for music Notes - Word on an empty book page Notes - Word on an otherwise blank page Notes - Word printed on an otherwise blank page Notes - Writes no publication for teachers Notes - Written commentary Notes - Written comments Notes - Written messages attack doing volte-face Notes - Written records about attack Notes - Written reminders
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Observes (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - observes. word on "N". 1 - st. letter N. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter S.

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