Amati - Stradivari's mentor

Word by letter:
  • Amati - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word M
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word T
  • 5 - st. word I

All questions by word:
Amati - Cremona name Amati - Stradivari's teacher Amati - Stradivari's mentor Amati - Cremona craftsman Amati - Valuable violin Amati - Famed fiddle fashioner Amati - Fine fiddle Amati - Stradivarius's teacher Amati - Violin maker Amati - Celebrated italian violinmaker Amati - Noted violin-maker Amati - Very fine fiddle Amati - Italian violinmaker Amati - High-end viola Amati - Noted italian violinmaker Amati - Violin maker nicolò Amati - Cremona artisan Amati - Maker of precious violins Amati - Famous violin maker Amati - Stradivari tutor Amati - Violinist's heirloom, perhaps Amati - Treasured violin Amati - Teacher of stradivari Amati - Violinmaker nicolo Amati - Violinist's heirloom Amati - Stringed treasure Amati - Rare violin Amati - Maker of old strings Amati - Dear old violin Amati - Violin maker of yore Amati - Expensive string Amati - Stradivari's tutor Amati - Noted violinmaker Amati - Treasured instrument Amati - Vintage violin Amati - Cremona violinmaker Amati - Valuable viola Amati - Priceless instrument Amati - Italian violin maker Amati - Master string craftsman Amati - Craftsman during the reign of charles ix Amati - Cremona violin-maker Amati - 16th-century violin Amati - Surname associated with pricey italian violins Amati - High-end violin Amati - Rare strings Amati - Family name in 16th- and 17th-century music Amati - Stringed prize Amati - Name of fine violin makers Amati - The brothers ___ (violinmakers) Amati - Italian family of violin craftsmen Amati - Violin virtuoso? Amati - Cremona violin-making family Amati - Big name in strings Amati - Family name in early violin-making Amati - Early violin maker andrea Amati - Celebrated italian violin maker Amati - Precious instrument Amati - Classic violin maker Amati - Famed violin maker Amati - Noted violin maker Amati - One instrumental in music history? Amati - Ritzy fiddle Amati - Fine violin Amati - Italian violin Amati - Rare italian violin Amati - Surname associated with expensive italian violins Amati - Cremona luthier Amati - Museum-worthy violin Amati - Italian violin craftsman Amati - A place to wrestle, one fine fiddle Amati - Violin maker nicolгі Amati - Foreign friend holding a square violin Amati - One felt interest in violin Amati - Cremona violin family Amati - Violin craftsman Amati - Did menuhin play one a bit melodramatically? Amati - Old firm on the fiddle perhaps before noon at holiday centre Amati - Instrument bearing the coat of arms of france's charles ix Amati - Prized violin Amati - Ritzy violin Amati - Fine instrument dramatist uses Amati - Italian who pulled a lot of strings Amati - Dramatic part for violin or cello Amati - Super-fine fiddle Amati - One instrumental in history? Amati - Treasured strings Amati - Famous cremona artisan Amati - Quality instrument used by dramatist Amati - Valuable fiddle Amati - Precious strings maker Amati - Strad's cousin Amati - Italian who made violins in the morning, very early Amati - Fine musical instrument needed for dramatic production Amati - Old violin - a chap almost twisted it Amati - He was successfully on the fiddle in cremona Amati - A violinist may play it in the morning very early Amati - Violin-making family Amati - Italian with a degree backing a fiddler Amati - Giovanna, first woman entered for an formula one grand prix Amati - Cyril's dreadful poems Amati - Some acclamation for instrument-maker Amati - Famous violin-maker Amati - Great fiddle discovered one hour after midnight? Amati - Fiddle providing cover during middle of raid Amati - Recalled old radio show about a family in cremona Amati - Italian family of violin-makers Amati - Violin gives us a dull introduction to intermezzo Amati - Italian craftsmen provide a service cutting poles Amati - Set one's sights on saving to the last one old violin Amati - One's played a series of characters in dramatisation Amati - Fiddle i tucked under a rug Amati - Fiddle dramatically exposed Amati - Noted cremona violinmaking family Amati - Violin or cello made by a cremona family Amati - Craftsman, a dull one Amati - A graduate, with it, brought over violin Amati - Family famous for craft that's got in a tangle by island Amati - Instrument makers from rotherham (at italian rates) Amati - Instrument makers from rotherham, at italian rates Amati - Andrea or nicolò, in the music world Amati - Big name in old strings Amati - Centuries-old instrument Amati - Classic violinmaker Amati - Violin or cello from cremona Amati - Stringed instrument from cremona Amati - Violin needed for just over half of an afternoon performance Amati - Doctor about to snatch this violin? that's dramatic Amati - Italian family of violin makers in cremona Amati - Antique instrument: one old woman recalled it Amati - Violin is intrinsically dramatic Amati - Knot found in fine violin Amati - Violin-maker Amati - He taught stradivari Amati - Big name in violins Amati - Violin pioneer Amati - Dramatisation featuring violin Amati - Famous violin family Amati - Fiddle in! Amati - Violinist's prize Amati - In monogram, a tiny inscription on an old violin? Amati - Fine cremona violin Amati - French friend's entertaining at fiddle Amati - Prized italian instrument Amati - Brother antonio or girolamo in music history Amati - Renowned violin-making family Amati - Wartime show mounted to conceal a fiddle Amati - Early violin maker Amati - Italian, a master for stringing up Amati - Strad's relative Amati - Stradivarius' teacher Amati - Family of italian luthiers Amati - Fiddle in the morning at 1 Amati - Stradivarius' instructor Amati - Carpet the setter after a fiddle Amati - Classic violin Amati - Master of strings Amati - Some defamation for family of workers on the fiddle? Amati - Priceless violin type
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***** - stradivari's mentor. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter M. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter T. 5 - st. letter I.

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